How To Plan For A Great Career

There are various schools of thought on how to plan for a great career. Previously staying with one company from the start to end was known as the key to career development. In time of course, you were likely to climb the corporate ladder. At present, this attitude has changed. This does not imply that the old theory failed but people have had to make adaptations considering that your present day job may not even have existed a few years ago. When forming guidelines on how to plan for a great career, it is essential that you maintain a flexible attitude towards your job requirements.

When planning, it is essential to categorize short and long-term goals and a plan on how to meet them. At work, very often your superiors help you recognize and implement career development goals. Identifying what you want from your job will help you plan for a great career. It is very similar to drafting a simple how-to-do list. You may want to make a career development plan list. This could include:

Detailed development goals
Skill / Knowledge requirements
Duties to be fulfilled
Completion dates
Computation of success
Progress achieved


Start to assemble all of the resources you are going to need. This starts right at the onset. As you start to learn about your career, you need to research, attend appropriate meetings, understand concepts and implement all you learn. It is advisable to exhibit patience and not jump into multiple projects simultaneously. When planning a great career change it is important to allot adequate time for each new venture prior to taking up something new. At every step on the way it is important that you learn valuable skills. This should be practiced at every stage of your career even if your present job status is not the most satisfactory.

Stay Vigilant

Though you may have a very stable plan for yourself, you must also stay vigilant. Apart from performing at your workplace, keep yourself updated regarding the upcoming opportunities and developments in your field of expertise. Also ensure that within any organization, you represent your career growth plans to your manager. This is especially true at the time of appraisals and performance reviews. At the time your managers talk about your career goals for the future, it is essential that you present your career plans to your superiors in the most professional manner.

Constructive Criticism

When you do receive any coaching and performance feedback, it is important to act upon them. This helps clear a number of obstacles and makes the path to a great career a lot easier to traverse. Don’t let your career plans take a back seat in case you are not appreciated or management does not express any interest in your plans. In time, all of your planning and hard work will pay off.

Constantly evaluate your progress and identify if your plans need to be modified or expanded. This helps create a lot more opportunities and acts as a whetstone that continuously stimulates your performance levels. It is essential that you locate a career mentor within your organization that will help you meet your personal career targets and motivate you to perform at your very best.

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