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The Art of Cover Letter Writing – an Intro

Cover letter writing is nowhere near as hard as you may think. It’s just a letter that introduces to the author and any attached documents. Here are some points to remember about cover letter writing:

It’s not about YOU, it’s the JOB – Hiring managers don’t care a flip for a biography; they just want to know if you have the qualities needed for vacant job. ALWAYS tailor your cover letters to suit the exact job position seek and the company you’re applying to. Mention only those skills and experiences that are most relevant to the job.

Be brief – Cover letter writing is not story telling. If they want to know your entire work history, they will check your resume. Get straight to the point.

Use a cover letter template – It’s okay to vary your style if you know what you’re doing. But if cover letter writing gives you a hard time, you’re better off copying from samples on the Internet or a book.

Stick to the standard – The standard format for cover letter writing goes like this:

- Paragraph 1: Introduction. Tell them what you are and what you’re offering or asking.

- Paragraph 2: Summary. Give a sketch of those traits and achievements you have that best qualify you for the job. This is key to getting their attention.

- Paragraph 3: Closing. Give flattering reasons for wanting the job. Make them feel it’s the only job you want (even if you’re applying to dozens of others). Add that you will follow up the matter.

That’s it. Check out the other articles to learn more about the writing process specifically. Best of luck.

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