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Make The Most Of Online Employment Opportunities

If used effectively, the Internet is one source of information that can provide you with immense employment resources.

Company Sites

For a person who is looking for a new job, or wants to get a better pay package, visiting the websites of the different companies is one of the options, as it is possible to get a good idea about the company, their history, mission statement and most current job openings.

These sites will be regularly updated and the job openings listed with detailed descriptions. Usually, you can also search for positions by selection criteria.

Use the information on the website to send your resume and cover letter.

Registering On Job Boards

Another widely used tool is the job portal, like These sites allow registered users to upload their resumes to the site. The key to success in using this tool is to make a very presentable resume and cover letter – one that grabs the attention of employers who also use these sites to find candidates.

The major advantage of using a job board is that candidates can retrieve a list of job openings all over the world, thus enabling them to apply to any job, anywhere that fits their requirements.

These sites also assist you by keeping track of applications, providing interview tips and help in negotiating job offers.

Search Engines

The search engines are also useful for searching for a job. By entering appropriate keywords such as the job profile name or company name, one can find a vast list of openings available throughout the world.

These sites often list positions on various web sites, web directories, newsgroups and company sites that have openings matching your profile.

Other Available Sites

In addition, you can refer to other websites like those of Government Agencies, Professional Associations, Educational Institutions, Community Organizations and Electronic directories.

Some jobseekers are also creating professional websites to promote themselves.

To exploit online opportunities, you should keep a few things in mind when doing research on the Internet:

Develop a Research Strategy

Before starting off on your search, you have to make a strategy as to what information to find from sources such as job portals and newsgroups, as well as the amount of time that you want invest on each activity.

Be Focused

It is essential to focus on your research goal. Concentrate on finding sites and bookmarking them for future use, to ensure that you do not go off-track.

Setting Goals

Plan and set targets for all activities to achieve your goals.

Keep Records

In addition to just bookmarking a particular website, it is better to keep all of your research in a designated file for easy reference.

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