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30/60/90 day plans for job interviews – get hired!! This video will describe what a 30/60/90 day business plan is and how to use it in the job interview to get hired! Visit: for a 30/60/90 day sales plan with over 30 minutes of custom audio coaching on how to create one that will get you the job offer. Good Luck!
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10 Responses to “30/60/90 day plans for job interviews – get hired!!”

  1. MedSalesRecruiter says:

    You can buy a plan template and no fail instructions at my site career dash confidential

  2. maxmaxdog10 says:

    great videos! should the 30 60 90 plan be submitted with the resume? or be presented during an interview?

  3. MedSalesRecruiter says:

    In the US sales managers want to see effort, drive, job understanding, and strategic thinking demonstrated by their potential hires. I have never had a candidate receive negative feedback due to the plan in 10 years of recruiting and hiring experience.

  4. lickshunmewah says:

    this does not work here in australia…hiring managers/recruiters think you’re cocky if you submit this plan during an interview…i’ve done it and got weird looks/responses, but no job offers

  5. sophia071 says:

    Thanks for the tips! You’re awesome!! It is not always easy to know what they want but you sum it up and make it sound easy!! Thanks again!!

  6. MedSalesRecruiter says:

    Thank you for the great feedback. Tell your friends, comment on my other videos, rate my videos, and share my videos on your myspace or facebook account or on twitter!
    I love referrals.

  7. millionairediva says:

    Great videos..I am really getting a lot of advice to help me to find and hopefully land a job once i graduate. Thanks so much..keep them coming

  8. goonertube says:

    Great topic! Any advice on a brag book or anything else I should have with me for the in person interview?
    Thanks for mentioning your blog. I checked that out and it had a wealth of information as well.

  9. MedSalesRecruiter says:

    You are welcome! If you could tell me what was most valuable about this video, I could follow up with another that expands on that area. Have a great day!

  10. majorae says:

    Thank you.