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What you Should Know When Applying for English Teaching Jobs in Korea?

When we are talking about Korea we mean South Korea which is more developed than North Korea. Because of this fact a lot of people who live in this country need to learn English as their second language. For this purpose they have well established government program which force the citizens to learn English language since they are young.

The demand for English teaching jobs in Korea is very high and this demand is continuously increasing. So, if you take a quick look in search engines about this topic you will find numerous vacancies available. But, are all there vacancies sincere? The answer is no. You can be easily cheated. Because of this I’m writing this article to state the basic things that a person who is looking for English teaching jobs in Korea should know.

First of all, you should take a look at the internet search engines, internet sites, magazines and newspapers which are offering English teaching jobs in Korea. As I stated above finding this kind of job is easy. After finding the job that will suit you should take closer look at the terms and condition stated there. If the terms and conditions are meeting your requirements regarding the salary, accommodation etc, you should get as more information for your employer as you can. Collecting information about the school which is offering English teaching jobs in Korea is one of the most important parts that you should do before applying for that position. Failing to gather information you can be easily cheated. You can contact the previously employed English teachers in that office or you have the second choice: to contact the manager of the school directly by phone. If you are still satisfied with the terms offered you can apply for your job.

The applications should be submitted at the address stated in the Job advertisement or it can be fulfilled directly on the internet. On the internet you will be required only to write your basic data and to send some kind of resume or curriculum vitae. Before applying, you should be sure that you have all needed experience, degrees and certificates. In some cases certificates are not necessary but people i.e. teachers who have them have some advantage in the beginning. Also, more experience you have in ESL teaching higher the salary will be.

People who have found English teaching jobs in Korea have found them in the major cities in Korea. This should not be exemption and for you. There are some vacancies in rural places in this country but the salary in this towns or villages is significantly smaller. The accommodation will be paid for you if it is not otherwise stipulated in the agreement you have previously signed and you will have annual paid vacations. By accepting English teaching jobs in Korea you actually will learn new culture and tradition. Every teacher that were in Korea is satisfied with the attitude of the people there toward the work, and this means that you should not have problems in performing your job.

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