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What are the Best Job Search Sites in a Recession?

I’ve been out of work for a while now and I really need help finding a job. I found a few good websites off this page, like Linked In and

But, what are some other good job search sites, specifically when the economy is bad? I really need help in making my job search more productive.

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  1. Anna says:

    I started to work from home answering customer service related emails for a company. I found the job listing on this website

    I’ve been working for them for 6 months, at first I signed on for temporary work, but after the summer I stayed with them because the work I was doing was a lot easier than any 9-5 job. I worked for 5 hours a day and made the same wages you’d make working full time (8hrs)

    I get sick and tired of people asking for work at home jobs and expect to do nothing to make money. You can make money online, you just have to put in the effort just as you would any job in the outside world.

    Also, the job I was doing was basically answer any questions people had about my employers product. They provided me with a faq and i just copy and pasted everything. When you work in customer service you get a lot of redundant questions.

    Visit this site to apply for a job online, they have a database of jobs and I’ve recommended many of my friends who work part time for extra income.

  2. Ocean Resume Services says:

    Hi Jay:

    Many times you will find that one job site have similar jobs listed as other job sites. What you might do however is use the one that also gives you information about how to make the most of whatever site you choose. There is this site I maintain called that has a job preparedness blog. There you will find tips, video, and other resources to assist you during your search for a career or job. Please have a visit. The site also has a national jobs board.


    Ocean Resume

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