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Need employers to post jobs on a job search site. How?

What’s the best way to appeal to employers to post job opportunities on a local job search site? Using flyers is a good way, but what else?

Something not too expensive

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One Response to “Need employers to post jobs on a job search site. How?”

  1. Steve D says:

    You need to sell them on what you are offering. First, are you charging the employers to post the help wanted ads? If so, then you need to have a base of available employees already established. Also, if you are planning on making a profit, then you need a business plan and you need to be willing to put money into the venture – given all the alternatives on the internet (Monster, Careerbuilder) that draw from a national audience, you need to show professionalism and avoid the “too expensive” mentality.

    If this is a community board that is free for employers and employees, sell it that way – as the employer putting something back into the community by reaching out to local members of the community to fill jobs. Flyers are a good start, but touching base by phone would be even better – explain who you are, what you are doing, the benefits (community, etc.), and make it easy for employers to post available jobs.. Check with the local community college and work with the career center. Make it easy for people to post resumes.