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How can I market my new online job search engine to potential employers who would want to post on it?

A friend of mine and I are starting a local job search website, and we’re trying to think of good ways to get our name out to potential employers who would be interested in posting job ads on our site. Any ideas?

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5 Responses to “How can I market my new online job search engine to potential employers who would want to post on it?”

  1. Brick Marketing says:

    Most likely you will need to spend money in order to get people on your website. I would consider Pay Per Click (PPC) and/or Search Engine Optimization to bring traffic. As far as free ways, you could maybe post on Craigslist although I’m not sure how they are about ads promoting other job websites (as they obviously offer their own section for jobs). You could try it at least but make sure to only post one ad a day for the area you are targeting.

  2. Mildred says:

    Here’s a list of places to advertise, the first one is very effective. Good luck

  3. nelson brook says:

    You can optimize your website for best results!

  4. Sanelia K says:

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  5. Tim D says:

    Traffic, Traffic, Traffic!

    The only way to convince an employer (or more likely to start with: recruiters) to post jobs on your site is to be able to show them that potential job seekers are visiting your site.

    To start with, you might want to allow them to post jobs for free and use a little bit of your funds to advertise your jobs on or other search engines.

    If you can prove that you can drive targeted traffic to them either based on your geography or job type then they’ll be happy to pay you for the next listing they want placed.

    Entry levels to advertising on Indeed or maybe some general search engines are much lower than re-posting jobs on job board sites. Good luck!

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