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Emergency Room Nurse Careers- Help Patients Survive In Critical Situations

Besides being an emotionally and financially rewarding career, the nursing profession also provides one with a great deal of self respect and esteem. The noble act of helping patients to deal with the suffering, along with giving them emotional and morale support is one of the main high lights of a successful nursing profession.

Just like for medical supervisors or doctors, there are many paths for nursing professionals as well. A nurse could specialize in any of the specialized fields of medicine, such as pediatrics, orthopedics, neurology, cardiology, etc. One such interesting and challenging option available to the bold and valiant individuals out there is the Emergency Room Nursing.

Emergency room nursing professionals need to be well versed with almost all the various aspects of medicine to be on par with the all the different cases and scenarios that they may face at any given time. They also need to be people friendly and have a pleasing personality to calm and pacify the patients and their worried relatives, loved ones and friends.

The basic qualifications required are a degree in medicine or a Certificate Course for Nursing Professional from a Government recognized institution. These courses not only offer theoretical knowledge, but also give the student the required practical knowledge that is ever so essential in this field. The most important criteria for aspiring students would be their attitude and their outlook towards life. Most cases in the emergency room are extremely serious and may have very grim outcomes. Students should be prepared for this.

What is generally seen is that attrition is very high among interns in the emergency ward because of the gloom and death associated with it. The prospective student or candidate must fully be aware of the fact that his or her actions will be the reason a dying person might fight and live on or the cause of a death. Keeping both these factors in mind, they must be alert and pro-active at all times. Another essential decisive factor is their willingness to serve humanity and the ability to do so efficiently. This plays a vital role in winning over the trust of the patient which is of utmost importance.

An emergency room nurse is one of the most important components of the medical system. They not only care for their patients but also comfort the relatives and help in keeping the atmosphere cheery and lively, despite all the despair associated with an emergency ward. They are the nurses who help the medical supervisors or doctors with all the medical treatments, test or examinations and may be even be responsible for certain specific tasks or areas such as administering glucose, injecting life saving drugs, documenting the patients respiration rate, blood pressure and the pulse rate.

To be an emergency room nurse one must be willing to live a self sacrificial life, completely dedicated to serving the patients. One must have tremendous character and courage to face the dreadful sights in any emergency ward and must be bold enough to take tough decisions.

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