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Effective Resume Writing ? 5 Tips for Effective Resume Writing

Have you spent time rewriting your resume over and over to never seem to get any responses from employers after submitting it?  Do you know the tips and tricks to make your resume writing effective?  Did you know that most resumes in a competitive market are reviewed in 30 seconds or less upon the first review?

Without writing a resume to be as effective as possible you will never see the results you desire.  Below are a few tips for effective resume writing, these tips should help shift your resume from being ineffective to effective in a snap!

5 Tips for Effective resume writing:

List your highest Strengths at the top of the resume.  You want to make sure when an employer is scanning your resume for a possible position, that your strengths are the first thing they read. Research the position and company that you are creating the resume for, an effective resume should be tailored to match the position you are applying for, you want to structure the resume around the job you are applying for, each position applied for, should have its own customized resume created for it. One of the most effective tips is the way you structure your resume, when writing, layout the information so that it flows smoothly from point to point, and is an easy read.  Use Bullet systems to break up information and keep the information short and concise without going into too much depth. Make sure you have an objective statement directly after your contact information.  This sentence can be very effective if written properly, don’t tell the possible employer what you want do in this sentence; inform them of what you already know how to do. Proof Read, Proof Read, Proof Read, you don’t want to submit a resume that has grammatical errors or details that just don’t make sense, have family members review your resume as well and take in any constructive criticism they may have.


Follow these tips for effective resume writing and you should be well on your way to creating a very effective resume.  Always keep in mind that when writing your resume, you are not trying to make it land you a job, you want your resume to land you the interview and you can take over from there!

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