Did you Know? ? 10 Effective Job Search Tips

Here is a list of not so common job search tips that you can use to your advantage to get noticed and be as productive as possible during your search. The important thing to remember is to conduct your job search like a job. Work at it every day, develop a plan and stick to it and don’t forget to follow up on previous searches. Don’t give up, hopefully the tips below will work for you.

1. Did you know Tuesday is the most productive day of the week? What does this mean to you as a job seeker? You can plan Tuesday as the day to network, to make appointments, reorganize job search files, or possibly re-touch on older leads. However you decide to spend your Tuesdays, make sure you take advantage of its’ natural productiveness in the work week.

2. Did you know that as many as 35% of employers are now using your credit report history as a means of judging personal responsibility, especially in occupations dealing directly with money? Something to think about and get in order before you begin your job search or at the least make sure you are aware of what others are finding when checking your credit history. Conducting a credit check on yourself might be a good idea.

3. Did you know you could research the current earnings rate for your new position using pay comparison internet sites and increase your negotiating power by being prepared and aware? A couple of helpful sites to search and compare pay per job, industry, or location include www.salary.com, www.salarysearch.com or www.payscale.com.

4. Did you know 65 to 70% of jobs are gained through personal referrals or networking connections? So get networking! Make a long list of all your friends, family, past co-workers, bosses, work associates, teachers, and professors. Also include contacts from associations, church or volunteer activities, hobbies, and your children’s schools and activities. Once you have a strong list start making your way through them to let them know what type of job you are interested in.

5. Did you know only an average of 36% of those job hunters interviewed regularly send thank-you notes while 75% of employers appreciate or expect the notes? Not only is it polite but it is a great chance to touch on something specific you talked about during the interview that will help you be remembered.

6. Did you know that over 90% of employers seek their assistant’s opinion when interviewing and making hiring decisions? When calling or visiting in person for an interview make sure to be polite and friendly to the assistants and secretaries in the office. Their impression of you might just get you the job or get you passed by.

7. Did you know business cards are a great way to network? Using a plain and simple card or with a photo works best. They are another great way to be remembered and are a quick and inexpensive career tool. Business cards work especially well when you have your resume posted online and can include the website on your card.

8. Did you know having a mentor can also be another great way to network? I know from experience that having someone more experienced in your industry and field to discuss ideas and questions with can be really valuable. They are also a great networking source as well since they are familiar with your skills, experience, and current objectives and goals.

9. Did you know 60% of large companies do salary planning in the fall? What does this mean to you? First, it is a great time to ask for a raise! If you are already working for a large company a fall raise while budge planning is going on might be easier to work into a budget then at some other time of the year. Secondly, knowing the hiring managers mind is on budgets and hiring needs for the following year they will be more interested in resumes coming in that fit their needs because it might save them money to not include your hire into next years budget.

10. Did you also know that 40% of job cuts announced are in the fall? This may be a great time to have your resume updated and ready – just in case. You will be ahead of the rest of your coworkers with an updated resume if layoffs occur and you need to look for work.

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