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Ballet Resume Video

Lara Bossen used this resume video to land a ballet job in New York.
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25 Responses to “Ballet Resume Video”

  1. AmazingGrace770 says:

    is your turnout better? You prob don’t even dance ballet

  2. aisheteru407 says:

    I. am. jealous.

  3. reastarr says:

    im just saying, the turnout could use some work in some places. other then that, not bad.

  4. niveamaranha says:

    Wow!! awesome!
    Keep up the amazing job!
    5 stars

  5. secretme127 says:

    Trust me I SHOULD KNOW!!!!!!! I am a dancer. I know dancers. I don’t need to be criticized for having an opinion (and a lot of experience around dancers and their body types). I think she is beautiful. I also happen to have the opinion that it would be dandy and would look more athletic/solid if she gained 2 pounds THAT’S ALL!

  6. soderadeljetset says:

    que bonito baila n_n

  7. lifedancer100 says:

    well it would depend more on your techinique than weight…but honestly, no. ballet is very harsh on weight.

  8. LKMrox457 says:

    that is really really beautiful….i do ballet and i practice every day and i’v been doing t for 8yrs… i’d luv to be able 2 do dat..

  9. dance2felina says:

    sorry, but this isnt really healthy!!! thats too skinny, look at her shoulders!!! -anyway beautiful dancing…

  10. kellykballerina says:

    beautiful! shes not underweight at all! she looks completely healthy! she is probably just naturally like that

  11. nanabllet4 says:

    She trained at my old studio. This was filmed a while ago, cause now she has already danced with ABT.

  12. dancerbabe1000 says:

    she is absolutely wonderful!! she’s scarry skinny though!! it’s almost hard to look at her…but she’s a wonderful dancer…just needs to eat something.

  13. balletchickaCMS says:

    your amazing!! where did you get your leotard?

  14. kaitlynthedancer11 says:

    part of the Paquita music hurt my ears.

    But you really are good. I liked your video.

  15. woodfromthehood100 says:

    Don’t listen to anyone saying you are stiff and underweight, I thought te opposite it was a pleasure watching you not stuff at all, and you re thin, but it’s fine. You got the job didn’t you?:)

  16. madfil2012 says:

    I am amazed that some people found this emotionless and stiff. She gave her dancing exactly the right air of love and utter commitment

  17. sugarplumfairy74 says:

    Beautiful, don´t forget that this dancer is still very young and has just begun her career as a performer.

  18. liddlmau says:

    very good, but a bit stiff and severely underweight for your height. But excellent technique and perfect forms. You know your stuff and you are very good at it. Just loosen up, give more feeling to it and put on a bit of weight. Cruse Balanchien for wanting skinny ballerinas.

  19. xoxlilaxoxbabzxox says:

    Amazing!! IS it just me though or is the piquita variation a bit comical?? Makes me giggle anyway :) x

  20. LovelyDancer92 says:

    Simply stunning. Beautiful technique, beautiful dancer!

  21. orangeblueandlavenda says:

    it looks like youve been emproving : ) try dancing on a room full of padded carpet – will help break in shoes better ( : Good luck : )

  22. Chinchamaus says:

    i cannot enjoy your dancing, because you look sick and strongly underweigt. you don’t impersonate beauty and grace, i’m sorry…

  23. Rowanx123 says:

    I agree, especially in the Paquita variation.

  24. seximexi210 says:

    I think it was stiff. Like it was GOOD but it had no feeling to it…A ballerina truly looks graceful when she gives feeling to her routine. Just my opinion, but other than that it was good.

  25. babydancerKirina says:


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