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10 points for best cover letter for job application?

im applying for a casual Restaurant Waiter position and need to write a cover letter for my resume
full training is provided in food wine and service if i get the job and the criteria is
- Genuine enthusiasm
- Interest in wine and food
- Committment to working on weekends and holidays
- Own transport

i need a letter that combines all these things..(which i have of course)
i tried but mine arnt that great
id really appreciate any help

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6 Responses to “10 points for best cover letter for job application?”

  1. I don't know says:

    To HR,

    Please give me the job or I’ll shoot you all.



  2. Dave B says:

    you got to be kidding me all for a measly 10 points no thanks ill my 2 points

  3. firemedicgm says:

    Without having intimate knowledge of your qualifications, your experience, and the specific job, I really can’t give you a good cover letter. However, I can point you to a series of EXCELLENT articles that I use as reference materials.

    Go to, click on the “Articles and Advice” option and start scanning the articles.

    I’ve been an applicant for a number of jobs (most of which I have been offered), and more importantly, I have been on the other side of the desk and reviewed hundreds of resumes and cover letters, as well as conducting dozens of interviews. In addition, I’ve taught career prep courses for a local college.

    Most importantly – proofread your letter and resume. Then have someone else proofread them. Then check them again. Then have a third person read them. Then a fourth. Maybe a fifth. And pick intelligent people who are seriously interested in helping you – not friends who are going to pander to you to make you feel all warm and fuzzy. You need a real friend who’s not afraid to tell you, “This doesn’t make sense. I’d change this sentence like…”

    Good luck!

    P.S. – I’ll even do one better for you. If you would like to e-mail your letter to me, I can give some pointers. e-mail to this username at I might not be able to get back to you for a couple of days, though.

  4. DayDay says:

    I am a dedicated young female with passion for great wines and meals, easy going and worth while to be around to work with, proffesional and commited since always on time for duty.

  5. Raju says:

    Let me know ur email ID, I will send it to u.

  6. THATHA75 says:

    Dear Sir,

    Sub: Application for the post of Waiter

    Having come to know that you have temperory vacancies for the post of waiters/bearers in your Restaurant I submit my application for one of the vacancies.

    I am aged xxx years and come from a respectable family.
    I am a painstaking responsible youth with a lot of enthusiasm and in particular genuinely interested to be of service and help to others and these qualities would be an asset to your organisation since the post calls for such
    a philosophical attitude and not a haughty attitude.
    I am very submissive to take orders and even in my family circles I have been doing such errands and I am always entrusted with such odd jobs by my friends and relatives too. So the job would not pose any big problem for me to handle to the fullest satisfaction of my employers as well as your clients.

    I have also the requisite knowledge about the various types of foods and drinks and serving them. If there are any special protocols of your restaurant I shall learn them
    in a days time!!!

    I have absolutely no problem to work beyond normal hours or on week ends as well as holidays. Since for restaurant industry visitors and guests are the bread and butter and they come on holidays for rest and enjoyment I shall strive my best to keep them happy.

    I also have my own transport and am mobile .

    Kindly give me an opportunity to serve you and prove my worth. I am willing to be on a temperory basis and on probation .

    Thanking you

    Yours faithfully


    Some thing like this. Add any credentials and other xerox copies of your education, driving license etc


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