How wise is it to send in a resume for a job position found on “craigslist”?

I’ve come across several interesting job openings, that fit what my career path is, right now. The thing is, I’m a little hesitant to send in a resume to an unknown source that may or may not be a scam.

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3 Responses to “How wise is it to send in a resume for a job position found on “craigslist”?”

  1. michr says:

    do NOT send any personal information for any job listed on craigslist………..

    do NOT use any site that is not secure to post any personal information…..

    if it is a legitimate employer/business they will have their own secure web-site or a physical location that you can deliver a hard copy to

  2. Fashion Fanatic says:

    Craig’s list is kind of iffy BUT I got he job I’m at right now from craig’s list. I work at about the biggest bank in the US and the job pays pretty well. So…it’s kind of tough to say.

    At the same time I’ve also sent my resume on there and received scam packages in the mail with fake checks from a supposed employer. I’ve gotten to where I can kind of tell the scam jobs now just by what the posting says though. Sometimes they’re pretty clever but sometimes you see jobs claiming to pay huge salaries or claiming to be for some “dream type job” and they tend to be scams.

    So, I guess it just depends how paranoid you are. But I’ve never had any success applying for jobs on sites like Monster and Career Builder and very little success even applying directly on company websites.

  3. Kittysue says:

    I would guess that at least 50% of job postings on Craigslist are scams. To protect yourself, never put your home address on your resume. Set up a new email address just for job searches, because if it is a scam you don’t want your personal email put on scam llsts. You might also want to get a pay as you go phone that you also use just for job searches – they are pretty cheap and you can top up for as little as $10

    If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Any job involving “payment processing” or “transfer agent” or “shipping agent” is always a scam. Any “mystery shopping” job on craigslist is a scam. Anyone wanting you to pay money upfront is a scam. Anyone wanting you to go to another site for a credit report, age verification, skiils test, background check, etc is always a scam – don’t ever click on any links. Contact the BBB regarding any company that contacts you, make sure they are at least listed in the yellow pages, check their domain registry to see that their website wasn’t just created 3 weeks ago or is privacy protectes/registered by proxy. If they use a real company name, look up the real company in the yellow pages to make sure the phone number is the same. Google the company and look up the real company website, then call that company to confirm they have advertised a position and the person emailing you really works for that company – scammers use real company names but give fake emails, names and phone numbers that don’t belong to the company