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Teachers Sample Cover Letter Mistakes

Like many other job seekers, teachers are prone to the same mistakes when writing their cover letter. They go on line, download a sample cover letter, make a few changes to it, then send in the modified sample cover letter to a potential employer. This is a huge error on their part.

The problem is, these sample cover letters and templates are generic, cookie cutter documents. They were designed to be an example of what a cover letter should look like. They were not meant to be your final product. They do not show what a unique individual you are. They do not showcase your talents and abilities in a way that will differentiate you from the crowd. Worst of all, there is nothing about them that will make them appear any different than the cover letters so many other applicants are sending.

Your cover letter is your personal sales letter. Its job is to highlight you, and sell you as the best candidate for this teaching position. It needs to capture the reader’s attention, and make them give your information a closer look. In some districts there are more teachers than there are teaching jobs. If you want to work as a teacher you need to write a cover letter that shows the person hiring that you are the one they want.

The first thing you want to avoid is the “Dear Hiring Manger” line. Find out the name of the person that makes the hiring decisions, and then use it in the opening. Using the persons name will catch their attention, especially when so many others are too lazy to try and find that piece of information. Follow that up by mentioning which specific teacher’s position you are interested in. Show that you are after something specific, not just any job that comes along.

Educators know that for a teacher to be effective, they need to engage the students, and make the subject interesting. If you want the chance to do that, you better be able to make yourself sound interesting. How can you make history come alive, if you can not even make yourself come alive? When you discuss your qualifications to be a teacher, be sure to use language that conveys your passion for teaching. If there are certain parts of teaching that you truly love, say so. Make sure those doing the hiring feel how much you care.

You only have one page to make your point, so you will only be able to highlight a few areas. You are not going to paint the entire picture here; you are only trying to generate some interest so they will read your resume and give you an interview. Make sure the areas you choose to highlight are relevant, and show your passion for teaching.

Try to write the way you speak. Do not be so concerned with showing off your education that your cover letter becomes hard to read. Hiring managers are often overwhelmed with the amount of teachers looking for jobs. They do not have the time to completely read every cover letter and application that comes across their desk. They rely on scanning the cover letter to determine if it is worth further examination. If your cover catches their attention, you may get an interview. If it looks like all of the other free sample cover letters, your information will end up on the trash heap.

Your final step is to ask for an interview. While it may be implied that you want an interview, you should still ask. There is power in calling for an action to be taken. It makes it just a little bit harder to push the cover letter aside.

This is where you separate yourself from the sample cover letter crowd. By showing that you are a unique individual with a passion for being a teacher, your cover letter will draw attention. While there is no guarantee that your cover letter will get you an interview for every job, it will greatly improve your odds. Once you get the interview, the rest is up to you. Take advantage of your chance to stand out and be recognized.

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