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Tips for keeping a job search as a secret?

I already have a job, but the position does not offer me benefits, and there is an extremely small chance of advancement. I could move laterally, but upward mobility is highly unlikely.

I know the obvious things like not conducting the job search using the company computers, don’t save the materials onto the computer at work, conduct phone calls discreetly or outside, don’t give the contact info as your work email/number, try to take time off or be discreet if interviewing, etc. Any other hints?

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3 Responses to “Tips for keeping a job search as a secret?”

  1. kate says:

    Seems like you have it pretty well covered ,

    good luck !


  2. Jack says:

    If you use head hunters make sure they know who you are working for so they don’t contact your employer…. Do not even put your current employer down on any apps or anything like that so nobody calls and lets the cat out of the bag…. Good luck on your search

  3. amuzdot5 says:

    1) Do not let anyone know at your current job of your job search, who knows word could get around, even if a co-worker you trust;
    2) When posting your resume on sites like, careerbuilder etc. make sure to not name your current company experience by name. Your current employer has a copy of resume in your personnel file and what if they are surfing those sites for resumes?;
    3) Still concentrate and do a good job in your current position. If you start slacking off, and they look at your attendance, which shows that you haven’t been in much, may raise questions of where you really are when you say you are sick or are on vacation.

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