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How do I create a job resume and where do I begin?

I want it to have a professional feel, or to show seriousness. Where can I find a good template.

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  1. My Isabel is here! (9/25/08) says:

    yahoo jobs has many suggestions

  2. mulauthoring says:

    If you’re a recent graduate, it’s very important to emphasize in your resume the following:

    - awards
    - internship experience
    - on- and off-campus job experience
    - project work and your role in it
    - computer skills / other skills
    - core courses related to the job you’re seeking
    - GPA (if it’s 3.0 or more)
    - voluntary work

    and other educational and extra-curricular achievements.

    In the Summary section of your resume, impress the prospective employer that through your education and computer and other skills, you’ve the aptitude to succeed in the job.

    Here’s the format for your resume:

    1. Name, address, telephone numbers (work and home), and e-mail ID
    2. Summary of your qualifications and skills
    3. Awards
    4. Internship experience
    5. On- and off-campus work experience
    6. Project Work
    7. Computer skills / other skills
    8. Core Courses
    9. Education details
    10. Voluntary work or other work experience (if any)
    11. Student Membership in professional associations

    Note: You may have to re-arrange the order of the items in 3-11 above, based on the job profile.

    Read the 10 Tips for Perfect Resume Writing at

    Best of luck!

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