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Where can I find sample cover letters for a leasing agent?

I need an entry level Cover letter for an available leasing agent position that I found available. I have a lot of customer service and sales experience – but not within the apartment industry. Also I guess it needs to be somewhat generic as the posting is on Craiglist and there is no company information for me to do research on! PLEASE HELP – I WOULD LOVE TO LAND THIS JOB!

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2 Responses to “Where can I find sample cover letters for a leasing agent?”

  1. Audrey says:

    Myself I think that letters are excellent, assuming they are composed utilizing excellent grammar and spelling (always use a spoil chequer!). You can secure some excellent tips and tricks for composing letters by visiting the site in the box below, it’s got loads of extra things about job searching additionally.

  2. not 2 B fooled says:

    First of all, if there is no company info, then it is most likely a non existent opening; that website is full of them !! My suggestion (from lots of experience with C’slist) is to just send a short email to the address at the top of the ad and if no response in a day, then it’s not legitimate. I always will verify an ad on there, if there’s a phone # or address by using and the “reverse search” feature. If this ad is legit ( and for future job hunting) there are many online cover letter & resume sites that have free samples/templates to use as examples

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