What kind of writing sample should I submit?

I am applying for a job on line and the ad asks for me to send in my cover letter, resume and a writing sample. I have my resume and cover letter, but what kind of writing sample do I submit? The job is for an Administrative Assistant at the Legal Aid Society in NYC. Thanks.

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3 Responses to “What kind of writing sample should I submit?”

  1. PiggiePants says:

    You should get an idea of the type of writing they are looking for by the job description – does it describe what type of writing the position will tasked with? That should give you a good idea of what they are looking for. If you are really unsure, it could not hurt to hold off on submitting the resume until tomorrow, and calling the HR department and asking for clarification.

  2. misslabeled says:

    Usually they give you an idea of what they want to see. I had an interview to be a personal assistant to a chef, and they asked for a writing sample in the form of a letter to the mayor. Yeah, go figure. Since this is for a legal aid organization, it’s probably not a bad thing to try. Think of an issue that concerns you with regard to social welfare, and compose a letter to a mayor or city council. Nothing too controversial, though. I suspect they want to see how well you can write correspondence, so make it correspondence.

  3. Debra C @ Admincorp.co.nz says:

    Ring the society and ask to speak with the HR Manager and express your interest in the position. Tell them that you are very interested in the position and would like some guidance on what they are looking for in the writing sample.

    Not only will you get the information you want, they will also be impressed with you taking the time and energy to be thorough.

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