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Landing Your Dream Job – You Need A Step-by-Step Approach

You sit at the same desk, day in and day out, doing the same tasks and thinking to yourself, “I hate my job. I wish I could do something I really love.”

Or, perhaps you are still in school and thinking about the day when you will finally get the perfect job – that job that we all dream about, the one that made us promise that we wouldn’t settle for anything less than it.

Then life happens and there are bills to pay and suddenly we’re still dreaming of that dream job while at the lesser job we settled for.

First Dream Job Decision – What Are You Looking For?

The first thing to do when trying to land your dream job is to decide what that dream job is. After all, if you don’t know what you want, how can you find employment doing it?

Once you’ve figured out what you want, then you need to figure out the skills needed to do that job and work on obtaining them. Your current job doesn’t need to stand in the way of that. Take night or weekend classes, spend some of your spare time practicing them.

When you feel that your skills are up to par, go out there and apply for that job.

Getting Help For Your Dream Job

Find a mentor. Somebody who already has ‘your’ job. This person will have valuable insight into what you will need to do to land your dream job. They’ll tell you certain areas to focus on, and sometimes will help you develop your skills in those areas.

Finally, it might be a good idea to save up some money from your current job. Save up enough so that you could feasibly live for six months of unemployment and then go out and find an entry level job in the industry of your dreams.

After all, you can always work your way up, right? Sometimes taking the time to really work on landing your dream job is the best way to land it at all.

Focus, Action And Serious Effort

Treating your career change as more of a hobby is a way to almost ensure that the change won’t happen. If you truly want it, you’ll find a way to go out there and get it. To land your dream job, you are going to have to have the courage to face down a lot of your fears and insecurities.

You might be afraid of living on less money or afraid that it might not work out. But you need to have faith that you can get the job of your dreams.

All you have to do is put forth the effort and you’ll land your dream job in no time at all!

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