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If you are in the market for a new job, you have options. But they all include you getting your resume out there, whether in a video format, a traditional paper one, or a combination of the two. However, what you choose to do can make all the difference when it comes to catching the eye of those looking to hire. What they want is someone that stands out as a leader and has great communication skills.

Besides, research shows that people like to watch videos online. What better way is there to take advantage of that than to create a video resume to dazzle them with? Sure, you could try to tap dance your way into their office, but that probably won’t do much to create a good first impression. A video job resume, like those on, on the other hand, will go a long way toward getting you noticed and landing that great position. When deciding if you should go the route of using online videos, offers these tips to keep in mind:


·         Time Savings. Looking for a new job is exhausting as it is. You have to contact those looking to hire, research the companies, dress the part, attend interviews, follow up, and more. Yet employers usually know, within the first one to two minutes, whether they want to hire you or not. So you sit there for the other 29 minutes, just chewing up time. Why not create a video that they can use it to begin assessing your skills? That way, the business can get a quick sense of your mannerisms, communication and leadership skills, and professionalism.

·         Save Money. Ever notice how the cost of postage continues to go up, every couple of months? Sending out all those multiple-page resumes on high-quality paper takes a lot of stamps and money. Save the resumes for those that have viewed your video on and are truly interested in learning more about you. Besides, it’s also an easy way to go green, because you’ll prevent all the paper from being cut down just to hit File 13 once it reaches the employer’s office. Web videos are affordable, and sample resumes are easy to come by for reference.

·         Shine Skills. When you attend an interview, you have one shot at making a good first impression. When you create a job video, you have as many shots as it takes to create a professional resume. The video resume, like all videos online, is something that you can script, rehearse, and keep starting over until it’s been perfected. What better way is there to make a great first impression?

·         Stand Out. You’ll get a chance to show employers that you are Internet savvy and have good communication and leadership skills. Video resumes, like those on, are a great way to stand out and let the employer experience a bit of you. In addition, video resumes are more interesting than a printed resume.


The practice of watching video resumes online has been increasing steadily. Web videos are interesting and affordable, and are quickly becoming the direction of the future for the professional resume.

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