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Land The Perfect Job With A Great Resume Sample

What worked in the past doesn’t these days and it’s time a person realizes that they need to be different to land that perfect job. Today’s resume’s are creative and unique. So let’s start with the basic things that you need before you can create your perfect resume.

A Basic Example Resume Should Contain The Following:

*Your personal details like name, address, your phone number, email address, website address and any other contact details.

*A well-defined job objective. The more relevant to the job at hand, the better.

*Your work history. You would need to provide at least 3 places where you have worked before.

*A list of any educational institutions including high schools you have attended.

*References of past employers and friends/work colleagues if need be.

You also get different formats and the three most common formats are Chronological, Functional and Chronological and Functional combined.

Usually Chronological resumes are more specific to conservative professions of particular interest to older, more traditional types.

The Functional Resume is more ideally suited to students, military or homemakers wishing to return to the workplace.

The final format which combines Chronological and Functional has a brief job description, achievements and skills section or a more detailed Summary that includes skills and qualifications.

Amazing Resume Tips

The most essential element of a great resume contains powerful statements and action phrases about your job-related (or academic) skills, transferable skills and self-management skills including your talents. The secondary element of a well-written resume is to show that you know your stuff.

This is accomplished and proven through education, relevant affiliations with institutions if applicable and work experience that shows the prospective employer that you are a person of creative substance and not just like everyone else.

Sample Resumes

Before you create your resume, consider looking at other sample resumes that fit a wide variety of employment situations. These can provide you with formats that can be tweaked and be used to highlight your strengths and achievements. However, do not copy and paste, but rather find your own creative angle that makes yours unique to the prospective employer.

In some specific industry jobs like the “Online Gaming” market, you may need to be very creative in order to land that great job. What prospective employers would want to see here is all your greatest achievements and samples of your creative talents.

It won’t hurt to go the extra mile and design your resume to reflect your creativity. Just don’t go overboard with the design, as it will take away from your objective which is to get the prospective employer to hire you for the job.

Free Resume Templates

On our website you will find a database full of free resumes and resume templates you can use as reference for creating your own attractive resume.

Getting Resume Help

Sometimes it is not always possible to create the perfect resume and you may need help in this area. It is best to search for the right resume professionals who are leaders and innovators with several years of experience in the industry. By creating your resume the right way, you will find it will lead to better interviews and prospective employers that will be interested in your unique skills.

By doing the right research and going through example resumes to find unique points that you can add to your own, you will create the perfect resume that every prospective employer will be looking for. It will ultimately lead to better interviews and even better promotions.

So start creating your resume now and who knows in what office you could be sitting tomorrow.

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