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One big mistake parents make with their toddlers is to just buy them toys without realizing they could use the opportunity to teach them letter recognition.

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You see, toddlers are quick learners with lots of “empty space” in their brains to learn all that they can learn. But for this to happen we have to use every opportunity available to teach them. And what better opportunity than when they are playing… with their toys.

There are lots of toys that have letters on them. These are the best types of toys to buy for your toddler. When you go shopping for toys for your toddler, have it at the back of your mind that you intend to “kill two birds with one stone” – teach your toddler letter recognition as well as entertaining him or her.

Some of the common toys that have letters on them include the various puzzles out there, the many alphabet mats, toy phones, jigsaw, books, etc. In fact, it’s becoming very common these days to find a lots of the toddlers’ toys out there having letters engraved on them. Obviously the manufacturers of such toys also know how helpful the letters can be in helping toddlers recognize letters.

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I strongly recommend buying those toys that have the letters engraved boldly around them. This will help the child to “touch and actually feel” the curvature and shape of all the letters. Apart from touching and feeling, your toddler will also “see” the various physical differences between the different letters and be able to easily recognize them…especially as you continue to use them in teaching him or her letter recognition.

But of course, for this system to be effective, you have to take it upon yourself to constantly use these toys in teaching your toddler what the various letters are. It’s not enough to leave your toddler all on their own and expect them to learn the letters. This won’t happen. They need your help to learn and recognize the letters.

Finally, there are lots of other ways to teach toddlers letter recognition but I am particularly in favour of the idea of giving toddlers the best of 2 worlds – entertainment and education…

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