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Objective Of A Resume? Read On To Find Out

Most people view the resume as the most important tool for securing a job. A resume is the first contact between the candidate and the potential employer; it is an introduction to the applicant’s skills and qualification for the job. The overall purpose of preparing a resume would be to secure a job. The individual will aim to prepare a resume in order to try to meet the needs of the targeted company. However, there are a few myths, which need to be done away with. These are some things that should be avoided while preparing a resume. The resume should not be something usual, unique or tricky. Rather, it should adequately portray your skill sets for the job position. Similarly, using colorful paper, postcard material or arresting photography in the resume, will not help in securing the job, simply because that is not what the recruiter is looking for. Your resume need not be physically attractive or eye –catching, it only needs to be professionally presented and complete in respect of the information provided.

The main objective of a resume is to give a first impression of the candidate’s skills and hiring value, so that he is called for an interview by the company. A well-written resume is one that convinces the recruiter to call the candidate for an interview. The main purpose of a resume would therefore be to take the candidate to the interview stage, in the whole process of employment. The facts mentioned in the resume should be well organized, well written, and complete in all respects and presented very professionally. Once the personnel manager is convinced to call the applicant for an interview, the resume can serve as a reference point during the interview.

Most resume writing tips will tell you to focus on what the employer requires in the ideal candidate. Overloading the resume by writing about your background will not serve the purpose. It may only serve to get you out of the race even before you start. Therefore, it is advisable to be clear about what exactly the company requires from the beginning itself. These requirements will always be stated in the advertisement posted for the job. A successful resume will try to blend the personal experience, skills and the qualification with the requirements of the company.

If the company is searching for the exact specialized skill sets you possess, then these need to be stressed upon in the resume. However, in the hiring field, many applicants try too hard to convince the recruiter that they have something that is close enough to satisfy the job specifications. This practice does not normally get a favorable response from the hiring manager.

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