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how to write a resume if you never had a job before?

I’m just starting out with this job thing and i was wondering how to write a resume if you’ve never had a job.

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10 Responses to “how to write a resume if you never had a job before?”

  1. kzd2k says:

    Write more about your aspirations and general knowledge.

  2. Cat says:

    Write about your education, activites, clubs, interests, & hobbies.

    In the above, mention any specific qualities learned or used in said activity that would apply to the employment that you are seeking.

  3. ironbrew says:

    First of all, determine if you’re starting a job thing..or a career. The job thing will likely require just an application and the ability to memorize “Would you like fries with that?”
    If it’s a career than you need to list all your education, training and skills and how it applies to the position you’re applying for. Everyone starts at the beginning sometime. Realize you’re going to start at an entry level position, so don’t bother asking for company perks. You won’t get any and you won’t get the job. Instead, be positive about yourself and how YOU can help them and how much you’re willing to try. Being flexible, hard working and having the ability to learn are key points.
    good luck

  4. bvijaykiran says:

    Now your resume must be absolutely +ve in all its features. Well you don’t have mention anything about the so called experience. Now in a resume I think Education, Qualification, Personal details and your strenghts are important fields that must be very impressive in reading.

  5. gauthier613 says:

    Get some volunteer experience, References Skills cources ect.

  6. intrepid18 says:

    It is always difficult to write a resume without work experience.
    Include your education and skills first that way the employer can access your skillset. For experience when I was first starting out, I wrote down that I was a teaching assistant in high school. This and other extracurricular activities such as clubs and sports would count. Give a brief description of what you did..this is especially important if you held a staff position in a club. Be sure to also include any volunteering experiences that you have had. Again, any staff volunteer positions are helpful as well.

    The employer is looking for positive character traits and a sense of responsibility which you can carry to your first job. It does not have to be paid work experience to demonstrate this.

  7. SweetPea says:

    Every one has to start somewhere!

    Start with your education, as that is what is going to get you in the door at a company at this point. If you have a specialized degree, even better.

    Add any information on work – any kind of work – experience you might have: Babysitting, volunteering, class officer, club officer, etc.

    Finally, list any marketable skills, such as web design/html, typing/keyboarding, fluency in other languages, etc.

    Check on the web for some samples to see formatting options and voila – your first resume. Congratulations

  8. Dolphin says:

    I had the same problem with my first job. I’m not sure what the best corse of action is. What I did though, is I emphasized my education and volunteer work. If you have a good gpa, or any awards you got, put that down. Personality has a lot to do with it. Are you a fast learner, good with people, or perhaps a multitasker. List as many skills as you have. Are you good with phones, typing, computers, etc. Since there is no work experience, fill in as much as possible about YOU. Even if you have a younger sibling, you can put down that you a babysitter. Seriously, anything you can think of. Focus though, on the field you’re trying for.

    Second, since you don’t have a lot of flashy stuff, you have to work extra hard. Do a cover letter! Make sure that your cover letter and your resume are on good paper. Also, don’t forget a thank you letter.

    The site below might help. Also, look for samples on-line. There are a lot. I don’t know what field you’re looking for, so I couldn’t do a search. Last but not least, be well dressed for your interview. Even if the job is laid back. Stand out! I hope this helps you and good luck.

  9. ingy says:

    If you’re just getting out of school, focus on your academics and areas of interest. You can put in things about hobbies and any outside activities such as volunteering, etc. Companies like to find well rounded people for entry type jobs.

  10. globalreach says:

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