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Resume help please? Just a few tips needed?

Well, I am relatively young; therefore my work experience is limited. I have had two jobs. The first for a year and a half as an assistant manager, but it was fast food – not too impressive. The second I have currently been working at for 1 year and 2 months. I am still employed there. Although I am a very good worker and quite intelligent, I don’t have much to show for myself. What are some good ways to spice up my resume? I am actually just looking to apply for a job as a teller at a bank, but I would like to make it look as good as possible. Tips? Ideas? Resume samples? I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance.

NOTE: Several people asked me why don’t I just fill out the application; they do not have an application. They require a resume.
If it means anything, I am currently employed at a four diamond hotel as a front desk agent.

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3 Responses to “Resume help please? Just a few tips needed?”

  1. mark lester says:

    go to it my help you

  2. bodozer says:

    I would suggest you visit our website at and sign up for the free online training. It is about 15 minutes long and will give you all the basics of resume setup and how to make yourself look good. Also while you are there sign up for our free newletter and be entered in a monthly drawing for a $1000 career makeover. If you want to send me your resume I would be glad to review it for you.


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