I need a 2nd job perhaps in retail, but it’s hard! I need resume help?!?

Summary of Qualifications:

Delivery of superior customer service and support. Provided optimal assistance while solidifying the client experience resulting in referrals. Strong communication and interpersonal skills, also bilingual in English and Spanish. Experienced with Microsoft Office, can type 50 words per minute and knowledgeable with 10 key. Ability to work well with all levels of management and staff. Work well under extreme pressure with minimal supervision. Outstanding personal dynamics: friendly, determined, and loyal. If given the opportunity will give 110% towards becoming part of a team and becoming an asset to the company.

Work Experience:

ABC Lab, CA.
Specimen Coordinator- June 2006 to Present
Maintain confidential Laboratory and client information. Responsible for finding samples throughout the lab. In addition, help Clinical Lab Scientists set up and run the tests. Build worksheet templates and update data records into computer system daily utilizing company program Triple G, Outlook and Excel. Create efficient filing system for clients and company records. Lastly, answer phones and handle as appropriate.

XYZ Bank, CA.
Bank Teller December 2006-July 2007
Processed customer transactions within established guidelines. Identified and made sales referrals, recommended alternate channels, cross-sold bank services and products for XYZ Bank partners. Provided excellent customer service. Additional duties included safe deposit, merchant/vault, ATM processing, bonds and coupons, foreign currency and night drop. Also, answered phones and handled as appropriate.

123 Insurance Company, CA.
Administrative Assistant- December 2004 to June 2006
Assisted brokers and officers. Processed life applications utilizing company program TAM and Outlook. Responsibilities included routing images utilizing image browser. As well as filing, copying of legal documents, mail sorting, and inter office deliveries. In addition, helped in the licensing department.

ABC Community College, CA. Major: Business Administration-
Presently Attending.
This is my regular resume::…
Everytime I apply for a retail store at the mall or wherever for a part-time I never get a call back….Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate it….Thanks a bunch!!

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One Response to “I need a 2nd job perhaps in retail, but it’s hard! I need resume help?!?”

  1. **Mz Ja'nae** says:

    Wow, It looks like your over-qualified for JUST a retail postion. But I can tell you one thing…your “resume” gave me a headache, its too much stuff jumbled up. Make it more interesting, pick out ur KEY points not every little detail. List only the employment history that is relevant for the position applying for. You worked at a LAB….dont add that to a resume for a retail position that has nothing to do with retail.Too much information gets boring. Your education and the bank job alone should get u a job interview atleast.

    By the way, It was very impressive. (Skill -wise)