Chief Executive Office:

The chief executive officer, also known as the CEO, is the person responsible for overseeing the company’s, corporation’s, organization’s or agency’s operations. Many people believe that the CEO is the owner of the business; however, often times, the CEO reports to a board of directors, which is ultimately the CEO’s boss.

Depending on the size of the business, the CEO may have several responsibilities, or a limited amount of responsibilities. The main responsibilities of the chief executive officer are to monitor and manage employees, and be the company leader, communicator, and decision maker.

Often times, the communicator role is because the CEO may need to speak to the media or anyone else in the outside world. This role is also put to use when they must speak to their staff and management.

When it comes to the decision making aspect of running a business, the CEO must be able to think on their feet and think quickly in order to make company decisions quickly. However, not only must they make decisions as quickly as possible, but they also need to have the ability to think through their choices, or problem, thoroughly before making the decision so they can know they made the correct one.

If you are able to stay organized, complete all of the above, and motivate the employees and management of the company, then this would be the best business career for you. A chief executive officer make an average yearly salary of about $725,500, but this may vary based on location and the business that the CEO runs.

Marketing Manager:

A marketing manager is exactly what it sounds like. They manage the marketing aspect of the business. It is has been said that there are the “three C’s” that describe a marketing manager’s job responsibilities. Those three C’s are customer analysis, company analysis, and competitor analysis.

Marketing managers are given the duties of planning, estimating, organizing, and promoting the business.  It is their responsibility to make sure that the company’s name gets put out there and they have great marketing. This is critical to a business or corporation because marketing and advertising is what gets new customers or clients in the door of the business.

Salaries will vary based on location, the business or corporation, and any other bonuses or raises. However, the average yearly salary of a marketing manager is about $86,000, possibly more.

Management Analyst:

If you are good at solving problems, then management analyst would be the perfect career field for you. A management analyst is the employee within a business that gathers and analyzes certain data about the business and its operating procedures. After gathering and analyzing the data they come up with operation procedures that are most efficient and beneficial to the business.

Management analysts also help a business to run smoothly by training employees, devising new training methods, recommends any necessary new systems or organizational procedures, and so on.

Management analysts earn an average yearly salary of about $70,000 to $75,000 which can vary based on location, business, and the size of the business. The above are only a few of the top highest paying business jobs and career fields that you may be interested in working in.

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