Is the weakness of your local economy making it hard to find a job? Perhaps there are some jobs available in your area, but none of them draw on your special training or the specific degree you have. If it is hard to find something career-wise that fits your needs, consider trying a temporary job agency for assistance. These agencies provide workforce management solutions for both employers looking to fill vacant positions, and would-be employees seeking work. Temp agencies have lots of different kinds of jobs available, so there is a good chance you will find something that fits your skill set.

Looking to get started with a temp agency for your job search? Here are three easy ways to search for the job that you want.

1) Figure Out the Kinds of Jobs You Want to Search For

The first step to getting a job with a temp agency is figuring out what kind of career path you want to seek. If, for example, you are trained to be an engineer, sometimes it is smart to search online for engineering staffing agencies. However, you don’t necessarily have to find a specialty staffing agency to find a job in your field.

Many staffing agencies offer a variety of career fields that you can browse or search. Usually, there is a drop-down menu on the website that will let you select from different categories. Some career categories may include: engineering, manufacturing, education, legal, IT, administrative and many more.

2) Think About the Geographic Area Within Which You Want to Search

Most people are bound in some way by geographic location. Perhaps you live in a certain city and don’t want to go too far away from your family or friends. If this is the case, you can usually search for jobs within 50 miles or fewer, for an easy commute.

However, if you are willing to branch out a little further for a job in your field, sometimes you can search by your postal code plus 100 or 200 miles. You can also look for jobs by state, if anywhere within your state would work.

3) Narrow Down the Search By Division Type

Some staffing agencies allow you to search for jobs by division, too. Using the search drop-down menu to look for jobs by the division you want to work in can be easier because it tailors the search more narrowly.

Usually, temp agencies have a certain number of divisions within which they place jobs that are available. Some examples of divisions may include: healthcare resources, law registry, scientific researches and financial resources. These divisions give you an umbrella to search under that includes a number of related jobs.

To look for jobs that can get you started in engineering careers, education-related jobs, clerical work and many other kinds of jobs, go online now.

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