The job market today is a tough one. With so many people completing post-secondary education and seeking jobs, it can sometimes feel impossible to crack your way into the business scene. If you’re looking for employment in a supremely competitive market, you need to take extra steps in order to appeal to employers in a unique way over other applicants. Likewise, as an employee, you should always value your skill set and never sell yourself short. These aspects of job hunting may seem like they’re at odds with one another, but by employing these simple steps you can ensure that your job hunt lands you a job you can handle with an employer that values you.

Present Yourself Wisely

Employers are looking for well-trained individuals who will self-regulate and earn their pay without mucking around. It is your job to show your skill set and highlight the things that you feel make you an asset for this particular position. A professional appearance is an absolute must when it comes to applying for jobs, and beware that many employers are now using social media as a way to gauge the maturity level of most applicants. If you’ve got a wild partying habit on your off-work hours and it shows on your facebook or google account, considering limiting your searchability and locking posts to those who aren’t friends.

Do Your Research

Before you even apply to a company, talk to other employees to find out how well they like their job. The answers are going to vary widely based on personal experience, but you will get a feel for any particular issues that may arise by talking to other members of the team. Inquire regarding group health benefits at this employer, and ask about any bonuses or incentives that may encourage growth and hard work. Many companies are beginning to support their employees by offering RRSP plans, RESP plans and other great options for workers with responsibilities or families. This will aid you in understanding what the duties of the job are, as well as any training that you may need to receive to perform duties required.

Stand Out

For every resume you plan to shop out, write a personal and heartfelt cover letter. Express the reasons that you like your field, the assets you believe you’ll bring to the table and the reasons that you chose to apply to each company individually. Follow up in person by setting up an appointment, but don’t go too overboard by being a nuisance. With perseverance, you can stand out in a way that other potential employees don’t often do.

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