As London prepares to stage the world’s greatest sporting event, starting in July 2012, job seekers are preparing to take advantage of the countless temporary job opportunities that will be made available before and during the period in which the Olympic Games will take place. Employment agencies, such as Manpower, are already advertising positions, and many more opportunities will become available while the Games are in progress.

Jobs are being offered in a wide range of fields. Some are specialised positions requiring qualifications and experience, but many more opportunities exist for those with no qualifications other than willingness and availability. Here are just a few of the types of jobs waiting to be filled:


There is a huge demand for temporary employees to fill all sorts of catering positions at the various events. These include: snack bar assistants, retail positions, waiters, dish-washers, cashiers, cooks, and even head chefs.


Cleaners are also going to be required at every venue. Many positions will become available, many of which will be very short term jobs, offered on a casual basis as required. Some of them, however, will be offered over longer periods.


Many temporary driving jobs will be available during this period. These range from delivery drivers working for companies involved in handling the logistics of the events, to personal chauffeurs of important visitors and Olympics officials. Obviously, an appropriate driving licence and knowledge of London will be essential for these positions. Delivery drivers are already employed as the preparations are well underway, but still more are required.


Temporary security jobs will also become available. Obviously, the higher profile jobs, such as guarding athletes and officials will be assigned to trusted and long serving security staff, but many other jobs such as assisting with crowd control, will become available. Depending on the security company, and the nature of individual positions offered, police background checks may be required for this type of work.


Visitors to the Olympics will, of course, be coming from all over the world in huge numbers. Many will be non-English speakers. Job seekers who are also fluent in any major foreign language, such as: French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Italian, etc., will be in great demand throughout the whole period in which the Olympic Games are being held. Successful applicants in this field can expect well-paid positions, assisting visitors whose English skills are limited.

Non-event related jobs

Apart from the many jobs opportunities that are directly related to the Olympics, the sheer volume of visitors to the city will create even more job opportunities that aren’t directly related to the event. Hotels all over London are expected to be heavily booked during the event, and hotel managers are preparing to meet the needs of their guests by taking on extra staff, such as porters and maids.

Pubs, especially in central London and the more famous tourist areas, are expected to do a roaring trade, and extra bar and other staff will be required.

Job seekers with extensive local knowledge of the city and its history, will find opportunities as tour guides becoming available, offered by legitimate tour companies.

Serious job seekers know that such opportunities don’t come around too often, and are eagerly watching as more and more vacancies are advertised on a daily basis.

This article was written in association with Adecco, recruitement partner of the London 2012 Games, leading supplier of IT jobs in the UK.


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