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Power Job Search Tips With Google

One of the best ways to find jobs online is to conduct a local job search using Google. You can find all sorts of jobs including d One of the best ways to find jobs online is to conduct a local job search using Google. You can find all sorts of jobs including data entry jobs, typist jobs, government jobs and online computer jobs (these are some of the most commonly searched job vacancies using a search engine like Google). However, many online…


I need a good resume template, for your average job at woolworths or coles?

I’m 15 and looking for a job and i need a resume template, so i can write a resume. Because last time over 5-6 months ago i handed in an application form to woolworths without a resume and they never even bothered to call back what so ever. so im gonna hand my resume straight in to them. to get a casual job
i want a proper resume template site, not how to make money at home or some crap

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Get your unemployed job searching into real productive income earning with affiliate marketing with potentially $400 per day?

Get your unemployed job searching into real productive income earning with affiliate marketing with potentially $400 per day?

This is incredible potential looking for work or even stay at home moms. I would recommend one of the most powerful ways of leaning how to make money while at home off the Internet. It is caled affiliate marketing.

This is how it works. Think if like a form of advertising that you direct people to a website to buy stuff. When they buy, you get a certain percentage of the…


Use a Cover Letter Template to Stand Out in the Crowd

For all those job seekers who saw Legally Blonde II and the pink perfumed resume, there was a terrific chuckle. There was also a simple knowledge that maybe she had gone too far with her resume. News Flash, she also didn’t give a cover letter. However, the character in that movie did do one thing very right: She made sure that her presentation of herself was “head and shoulders” above the crowd. She was noticeable. That is often why people will use a cover letter template.

Let’s take…


Can a contractor who loses his job claim unemployment?

Hi There,

I am considering taking a position at a company and they have offered me to work either under salary or contract (hourly).

The hours will be LONG so contract is looking pretty delicious, but this is a start up and has a good chance of failing.

The question is, if i am a contracted employee and lose my job, can i claim unemployment?

And if not, is there a way to?


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Resume Writing Tip

If you are in the process of writing your resume, you should be aware of some caveats in creating your own resume. Remember that your resume is the first impression you will make on your prospective employer. This could be the one shot you have to land the job of your dreams. An unprofessional resume may dash those hopes despite the fact that you may be the most qualified candidate for the job.

One important resume writing tip is to never put down anything negative about past employment experiences.…


Where can I find a decent sample cover letter for an Internship?

I’m a soon to be 3rd year architecture student who is looking for a summer internship paid or unpaid.

I want to send my resume to some of the local firms but I need help writing a interest letter considering that I don’t have any office expirience, and have little knowledge about CAD software.

I was hoping someone could show me where I can find a good sample letter, or help by giving me some pointers.

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Get Help With Cover Letter Samples

Cover letter samples are often found in the internet websites. Mind you, there are thousands of cover letter samples that will pop out of your computer screens as you type the keyword in the search engines. Generally, these cover letter samples signify your fullest potential of landing into the job that you want. And because the cover letter samples are too plenty, sample seekers like you end up confused as to which one to pick and pattern your own cover letter.

Cover letter writers like you are acquainted…


Online Resume and Job Search: 10-Hour Series

Product Description
The 10-Hour Series covers a variety of important technology-based business skills with short texts that can be completed in ten hours. The Internet and technology are used extensively in this series for research, instruction, and application. These books, many supported by data disks or CDs, are brief, uncomplicated, and activity-based, requiring minimal instructor intervention. On-Line Resumes and Job Search teaches time-proven strategies for successful job finding using the Internet. These include everything from assessing one’s abilities in a personal inventory to evaluating job descriptions to creating professional resumes…


Sample Job Descriptions

Therefore it is important that you take a look into one or two sample nurse faculty resume so that you get a basic idea of how your resume should be written. This will help you in presenting a faculty resume for a guarantee job. There are a few basic layouts that one should observe in a sample nurse faculty resume while preparing a good quality resume.

Sample Job Descriptions

Contact information is the first thing to observe in a sample nurse faculty resume and you should observe the full…


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