Curriculum Vitae help~?

In Career Counseling, our teacher requires us to include a Curriculum Vitae in our portfolio. All I’ve been seeing around are CVs of job applicants. With nothing much to write in Education/Achievements/etc., what should be included?

I’m a 3rd Year High School student.
Thanks. :)

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Do I have to list my current part time spa job on my resume when I am looking for work in biotech/pharma?

I am looking for work in the biotech industry. I work at a spa doing massage on friday nights and saturdays. Do I have to list this on my resume? Is not lisiting this job a material omission? I really dont want to highlight my massage work on my resume but dont want to lie or do anything that could negativeley impact me getting a biotech job.

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Should I leave out jobs on resume that don’t apply to my career job?

I am applying for jobs that are in healthcare now, but i only have one past job to show my experience. all of the other jobs past don’t have anything to do with healthcare and might make my resume look unprofessional ( restauarant, store, etc) Should I re-do my resume and only include the one previous job experience and references?

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i m writing my resume for a teaching job in preschool.can u help me asap????

its an entry level resume.well i have written my goal,but in motive,i have written,I love to work with children because………can u giveme a very solid n authentic reason,a motive to teach small kids.

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How long should someone be at a job before they can put it on thier resume and start looking for another job?

I’ve been at my job for three months. Hate it! I’ve been interviewing for other jobs without it on my resume but the stuff I do here could be valuable on my resume. Should I stick it out a while longer or just go ahead and put the job on my resume now and look for another job?
I recently graduated college last may. This is my first job I’ve been working here for three months. Hate it! I’ve been interviewing for other jobs without it on my resume…


Should the experience on my resume match what i put in my job application?

This is very important question to me. If i include a job in my resume, but i don’t want to mention it in my job application?. Will this be a problem?

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Do I normally put information on a job application that I wouldn’t put on a resume?

Not too long ago, I read in a book about resume writing that it’s not necessary to put down EVERY job you’ve ever had on your resume, especially if it doesn’t pertain to the position you’re seeking. However, if that’s the case, does that also mean that I can omit certain jobs from my work history on a job application?

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Should I attach my resume to the job application?

I’m applying to Victoria’s Secret and I was just wondering if I should attach my resume to it? I know it’s a retail store and they don’t usually ask for resume’s but I was thinking this would make me stand out, hopefully. I don’t want to seem pushy. I have never had a job before, but I do have some experience in a work place. What do you think?

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how do a write a resume for this job?

what kind of information do i include on a resume for a position as a VIP hostess at the MGM casino/resort? i really want this job, so if anyone could please help me.

also, what kind of objective or personal qualities should i list? thank you!

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Leaving former employer off resume/job application?

I was fired/laid off from my last position in April (technically on paper in August). Due to conflict with my former boss I’ve omitted that job completely from my resume. When a potential employer does a background check on me, will this last employer show up?

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