Is it worth paying for a resume writing service?

I have been in my current job as a financial advisor for 8 years and my resume is very dusty. Am better off rewriting it Myself or will paying a professional be a big benefit.

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What can i write on my resume objective for a entry school job .?

I have 4yrs experience as a sales person , 2yrs as babysitter and i have a degree for medical assistant but i’m going to apply for a entry job for a school as a teachers bilingual aid but i don’t know what to write on the objective for my resume please anyone any suggestion’s ?

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Is it necessary to list references in resume applying for part time job at places like Wal-Mart or Home Depot?

I am a teenager currently in high school and I am writing a resume. My resume list my objective, skills education, volunteer experience, work experience, activities and interest. Do i really need to list refrences when applying for these kind of part time jobs?
I am trying to apply for jobs at food services, stores like Walmart and Homedepot

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I’m 15, how do I get jobs in Canberra, Australia?

I’m 15 and I’m moving to Canberra, Australia next month, and I’ll be homestaying with another family so I might need to get everything myself. Do you know how to get a good job and would I need a curriculum vitae?

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I’m 16 and looking for a temporary administrative assistant job. How should I write my resume?

What should I include in my resume and in what format should I write it?
* write it in?

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how do you write a resume for your first job?

I am going to apply for a job at gloria jeans but I don’t know what to put in my resume as I had never had a job before. what do i do?

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Do resume writing services really work? Also does anyone have any experiences with them?

I’m 20 yrs. old and recently graduated from a community college, and I am about to start searching for jobs, I ran across an interesting ad in the paper the other day called 1-Day resume and it says its the only resume service in the U.S. selected for the wall street journal’s career publications article “A consumers guide to resume writing services” it sounded pretty good, but I was wondering if it was just an advertising gimic or if it would really help me get a better job?


what is the main point in writing a resume in the objective area?

im working on my brothers resume and this guy needs a job and i want it to look good. i need key points to to write the objective. which is i bet is simple but yes, thank you for your time. serious people and answers thank you.

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how do you write a resume for first time job…?

This summer I’ll will have already graduated high school and I will be looking for a job; how do I write a resume in today’s modern format? I’ll get applications from barns n noble, gamestop, norstrom, my neighborhood wal-mart and other places I am interested in. What I want to do in college in Graphic Design, Multimedia, Web Design and Information Technology (listed from most important to least) so anyone have any ideas?
do they have templates too?
thats a bad link

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I do not speak English . But my work wants CURRICULUM VITAE (cv) I want to review rules of grammar and spell

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