Has anyone ever created a resume to fit a job they wanted?

I recently graduated from college where I learned the basics of what I need to be an effective accountant. Unfortunately, it seems that since I have no experience, I can’t get a job in that field. I am seriously considering modifying my resume to show more experience in the accounting field. Has anyone ever done this? And what are the odds of getting caught? When you get a new job, you are usually trained their way, regardless of past jobs, right?

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3 Responses to “Has anyone ever created a resume to fit a job they wanted?”

  1. drtried says:

    Most people get creative with the truth, you could say.

    I graduated nieve and with a sense of morality that has only held me back. I’m not saying go be a two-faced liar, just don’t hesitate to up-play your good points.

    Most people who interview you will ask you questions you couldn’t know if you lied about it. So, if you don’t have experience per say, you’d better do some research. Keep that in mind.

  2. Gem says:

    The minute you interview with a real accountant, you will be found out as what you learned in school and the way the real world works are two different things.

    And if you list a job, HR will expect a real reference from that job. How would you get around that?

    Most people stretch the truth, those that out and out lie, usually get caught.

    If you want experience and are having a hard time finding it, do the following.

    Lower your expectations
    Accept the FACT that your college/professors lied about “entry level” accounting salaries (or any entry level salary for that matter)
    It’s tax season, fire up your resume and map out all CPA firms and tax preparers in your area. Swing through drop off resumes. Go back twice a week and talk to the hiring manager until you get arrested or hired (it worked for me).
    Volunteer at a church, day care or other charity/non profit. Again it is tax season and this experience on your resume could get you contacts and jobs.

    Good luck to you

  3. Xknows says:

    Keep in mind that you will be signing an employment application besides submitting a resume. If you are caught “stretching” the truth, it is grounds (in most cases) for termination.

    Also as a financial services executive, I recommend checking out http://www.learntosucceed.biz. They can make the difference, sound career advice and they will answer your specific questions.
    Good Luck.