Im 14 and i need help writing a resume for a summer job?

Hello, i am 14 years old and am applying for a job helping kids at a camp
i have work experience from 2 other individuals and decent grades, but i need to write a resume for the job
what topics should i cover and can i get a overall frame of things i should include in each paragraph? and how long should it be minimum?

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How do you explain being dishonest on a job resume?

I was dishonest on my resume. Basically I did not lie about where I worked only the dates. I tried to cover up a stretch of unemployment. Anyways I got offered a job and then they did the background check. I need to explain myself for what I did. Please don’t say I should not have done this. I already know that and learned my lesson. I just need a professional idea on how to explain myself. I really really wanted this job. Ideas?

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HOW do you write a resume for each job?

Career advisors always say that you should tailor your resume (not just your letter) for the job you want.

I understand what tailor (or customize) means – but can someone get to brass tacks on this and tell me HOW you actually customize a resume to a job you want to apply for? I mean, my experience is my experience. I understand how to highlight skills and achievements, but I DON’T get how to customize my resume for a job that has, say, 20 very specific requirements listed.

Thoughts? Advice?


Teachers, how do you list substitute teaching on a resume/job application?

I’m not really sure the exact way to list it. Since 2003, I have subbed in about a dozen districts. Obviously I can’t list them all on my resume…is it ok to put something like “various districts” or should I just leave out any reference to the location at all?

Also, how would this be handled on a job appliction, when there is a box or line to write in “employer” and “supervisor” (as a sub you don’t have one

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I need help with my first resume. How do write a resume for a job when I am still in college?

I am in my last semester of college….and I am getting a job before I graduate so I wont have my degree yet when I get this job (this job will be an assistant to what I really will be doing when I graduate)…..I will be getting another job after I graduate….but for this one how should I do it since I have not graduated yet?

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Is it necessary to list a job on your resume/application that you only worked at for 2 weeks?

I got called for a different (better) job after working at one place for only a week. The new job wanted me to start 1 week later. So, I gave the other job notice. In total, I only worked there for 2 weeks. Is it really necessary to list it on my resume?

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should i write my achievements back in high school when writing a resume?

i’m making my resume for my first job. i’m still finishing my college.. should i write my achievements back in high school when writing a resume?

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How long must you work at a job before it is appropriate to include that job on your resume?

I’ve been working at a job for about 6 weeks, but it’s not the location I want to work. Now that the job market is loosening up a little, I think I might be able to find something in a more favorable location. I feel like I should put my current job on my resume, but I don’t know if 6 weeks is long enough to make it considered a “working experience.” Or maybe it is…?

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How do i write a resume if i want a job at a resurant?

I want to get a job at this resturant and i don’t know how to write a resume. please help

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If I make up waiter jobs on my resume and they ask me why I went form one job to another, what do i say?

I want to get a job at the cheescake factory but i dont think that I have enough restaurant experience, so I’m going to lie on my resume, saying that I have had jobs that I haven’t had. What’s a good reason for moving from job to job without having moved to another city? I live in LA.

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