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HOW do you write a resume for each job?

Career advisors always say that you should tailor your resume (not just your letter) for the job you want.

I understand what tailor (or customize) means – but can someone get to brass tacks on this and tell me HOW you actually customize a resume to a job you want to apply for? I mean, my experience is my experience. I understand how to highlight skills and achievements, but I DON’T get how to customize my resume for a job that has, say, 20 very specific requirements listed.

Thoughts? Advice?
What I’m trying to ask about is the idea of actually writing a unique resume for an actual job.

I have a general resume – I have a few, actually, depending on what I want to emphasize in my background – so I’m NOT asking “how do I write a resume”.

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4 Responses to “HOW do you write a resume for each job?”

  1. Joe Capo says:

    Well first you start with your header of the resume(Your contact info at the top)

    Your objectives
    Past employment history from most recent to less recent
    (Places name, job title, how long you started working there and when you left, you basic responsibilities)

  2. scpotter says:

    many computers have programs on them where you simply input your information and click next and then fill more in and so on….if you have windows 98 or windows xp on your computer, you will most likely have one of these programs on them

    sometimes they are in the windows templates on the computer, this makes doing resumes and cover letters much faster and easier …hope this information is helpful

  3. JLMelvin says:

    Typically, the job you are applying for is one in which you are qualified.

    The key to tailoring your resume is to write your skills & qualifications to the requirements of the job.

    Use the buzzword for the specific industry – If you have experience as a manager and are applying for a job as a customer service manager then you’ll need to tailor your resume to handling customer complaints, dealing with people etc.

    If you’re applying for a maintenance supervisor then you’ll want to tailor your resume to enforcing safety standards, increasing productivity, and meeting organizational goals.

    Hope this helps.

  4. SexyTrojan says:

    That’s a pain. What I did, I focused my experience to the job I was applying for. In essence, I have a general resume which touches on all of my experience. However, if I company wants someone who specializes in widget making, I will make that the focus of that one resume.

    I ended up with about 30 different resumes. I still use my general one, and that is what gets me the interviews.

    Every recruiter or counselor has something different to say. Use what works for you.