Job Search Myth #6 . . . Got An Interview? Just Answer The Questions!

Ok. It’s the moment of truth. But it could also be job search myth 6! It’s an interview.

Of course, interviewing can be tense. But we’ve been taught to just answer the questions and we’ll be alright. But that’s job search myth 6. Here’s why.

If you’ve been lucky enough to pass muster and get invited in for an interview, you’ll face one of two interviewers:

1. A lower level HR staffer or assistant manager who is screening you for the boss.



How To Conduct A Successful Job Search

Finding the right job is so crucial to your life. There is nothing worse than being miserable in your job. Yet this being the case there are so many people that do suffer through jobs that they don’t enjoy and the main reason for this is that the thought of uprooting and finding something different is more daunting than in reality it actually is.

So if you are stuck in a job that you don’t enjoy why don’t you conduct a job search? They are not difficult…


Do You Need A Job? Then Conduct A Job Search

Job searches can be one of the most frustrating things that you have to do in your life. After all you know what you are capable of and which jobs would be right for you but convincing other people is another task altogether.

The thing with job searches is that the right job is out there but once you have had a few knock backs, which is inevitable, it can really dent your confidence. Especially because getting it right has great potential impact on your life. …


Recession Busting Job Tips: 3 Job Search Strategies For Today’s Economy

Are you concerned about making a career change in todays economy? Though I can’t look into the future to see what will happen, what I can do for you is share three tips that will increase your odds of getting the job you want.

Job Search Strategy #1: Go where the jobs are

It’s a wise move to read the executive job trend reports put out by my colleague, Mark Hovind, President of JobBait. I am a big fan of these monthly statistics that show you clearly what markets…


Alternative Online Job Search . . . Avoid Making a BIG Mistake!

Remember the good old days before the “No Call” list? It illustrates why an alternative online job search plan is required if you have any hope of using the convenience of online services to help you get a job.

Let me show you what I mean. It’ll help to understand the importance of an alternative online job search.

You’re just sitting down to supper when the phone rings. It’s a telemarketer (one of several who tried calling you today). He’s talking very fast to capture your attention before you…


Your Job Search And Developing A Successful Professional Career

For those of us that are just beginning their job search after finishing their course of study, the world of work can seem rather daunting. There are so many careers to choose from these days. They are no easier to get into than they ever were, and it is so hard to know before you start which are the most likely to suit your temperament and long-term interests.

For all those embarking on a job search I would like to say that one of the most important criteria should…


Job Search Myth #3 . . . Internet Postings Now Account For Over 50% Of Hires!

Hey. Let’s face it. Internet postings are fast, easy and free. They’re massively popular. If you don’t believe me take a look at Monster.com or HotJobs.com.

With all the activity on these sites, with thousands of companies worldwide on the lookout for talent, you’d think finding a job through internet postings would be a walk in the park. In fact, I’ve been told by many eager job seekers that internet postings now account for over 50% of all hires.

Now for the bad news. It’s a myth!…


Workplace Security Should Be A Job Search Priority!

Job hunting? You must consider workplace security these days. It’s just one of the many things a 21st Century job search has to look at–especially since 9/11 The last thing you feel you should have to worry about is on-the-job-violence or any kind of workplace security threat.

Nonetheless, the statistics are disheartening. For many corporations workplace security has become the number one concern.

For example, it was recently reported that at least 30 percent of human resources officers at 100 of the nation’s largest companies reported…


Job Search Essentials

Below is a continuatin of our previous blog post t on job search essentials. 

Enlist the help of a Recruiter: These profressionals help you do some of your job search work while you sleep. Powerful recruiters have a network that span the nation and typically have established relationships with companies that are always hiring. You can find the best recruiters by networking. Ask your colleagues or previous co workers if they used anyone in their search in the past. Believe me everyone has someone…


Alternative Job Search Alert for Grads . . . Avoid the Resume Trap!

If you’re graduating this year, this alternative job search alert is for YOU! You must avoid the resume trap!

What’s the resume trap?

Well, we’ve all been brought up to think that the success of our job campaign depends on our resume. So we spend an extraordinary amount of time trying to get it just right. There are a thousand websites that show you how to write an award-winning resume . . . each one has their own formula. But this is a resume trap!

The fact is your…


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