A Dozen Tips for Staying Motivated in your Job Search

1. Recognize your motivational enemies in a job search. They are: constant rejection, constant failure, and lack of control. Don’t let them make you inactive and lacking in confidence.

2. Look forward, not backward: Every minute you spend thinking about your past job is a minute robbed from your future. And anyway, your previous employer is no longer paying you for thinking about them; you’re giving them free consulting time.

3. Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. It is human nature to spend more time thinking…


Job Search Tips For College Students

Once you have a couple of years of college under your belt and you are nearing graduation, you want to start thinking about finding a job after graduation. The process can be overwhelming and sometimes scary for someone who is going through it for the first time, but these tips will help you get through it easier.

One of the first steps to finding a job after college is to go and look at your college’s career center. You want to make an appointment with a career counselor and…


How to Shorten Your Job Search

Searching for the right position requires focus and a great deal of targeted job searching. If you would like to find the right job for you in a highly targeted manner, then you need to follow certain steps that may take you out of your typical comfort zone.

The typical job seeker will usually decide that they have to find the jobs that are available- – the ones listed on on job boards, in the newspaper, etc. This is a comfortable path to follow; it’s one that we…


Job Alert: Better Follow The Unbreakable Rule Of Job Search Success!

Pay attention to this important job alert. Your job search success could depend on it!

One of the concerns I hear frequently from serious job seekers is: What are hiring managers thinking about me? I thought I did well in my interview, but what is my potential next boss thinking about me after I leave?

The nerve-wracking part of your job campaign revolves around wondering what happened as a result of the interview. The nail-biting pressure can get intense if you’re under pressure to find a…


How To Conduct An Effective Job Search

The beginning of the year can be quite a down time. The weather is generally miserable, you have spent all of your money in Christmas and it’s going to be a good few months until you can leave work when the sun is shining. It really can be a time for keeping your head down and just trying to get the few months out of the way. For that reason it may not be the time of year where you might think about finding a new job.


How To Make Your Job Search Successful

There is very little in life that is as difficult or frustrating as conducting a job search. The problem with finding jobs is that it is a crucial that you find one that is suitable to you and that it is in a location that you like. It is an important process that you have to go through and it is something that you have to do well. It is also something that most of us do not have a massive wealth of experience in.

So making…


Valuable Tips Pertaining to Nursing Job Search

The majority of the staff under health care are nurses. Nursing sector is a very important sector in USA. Nursing job search provides the necessary details and the employment opportunities in USA. There are plenty of employment opportunities available for nurses. Details regarding nursing jobs can be found on the internet and the applicants can go through them before registering their resume.

The Bachelor of Science nursing degree online is the basic requirement for the nurses interested in seeking wider professional and career opportunities. Surfers of the nursing job…


Make The Most Of Your UK Job Search

Sadly we do not live a utopian society and as a result we all have to work to get by. In the UK we tend to work longer hours and have less holiday than our European counterparts and as a result our jobs tend to be, at least in terms of time, the largest parts of our lives. As a result it is extremely important that we choose jobs that we enjoy and jobs that keep us motivated and contribute to our levels of happiness.

That would be…


Step Up Your Job Search After The Holiday Season

Whenever the holidays come around, most people stop their job search. It is a myth that you can’t look for a job during holidays. In fact, right after the holidays is often the best time to go look for a new position.

This month, you can gear up your job search and reach out to a number of companies. Don’t stop searching for a job just because it’s the end of the holiday season.

Networking with Employers

January is a month when workloads are lighter and…


Get the Most Out of Online Networking During Your Executive Job Search

By now, you may have heard of-and even utilized-online social networking through the various sites available to the technically savvy, including Plaxo, LinkedIn, Naymz, Twitter, FaceBook, Ryze, and a host of others. However, you may not have realized the intensity that using these powerhouses can have on your job search.

To spell it out most succinctly, preserving job mobility, whether you’re merely maintaining your professional value or actively seeking your next leadership role, is core to stayed employed in one form or another. And, as you’ll find, the robust…


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