Teaching Job Search: Using Your Strongest Tools

Although most educators are excellent communicators, many are intimidated by the process of preparing a résumé and interviewing for a job. These tips can help you get started, so you can have a more successful teacher job search.

1. Have a clear objective. If you are unsure what you want, you won’t get it-and in your teaching job search this is especially true. Before you even begin to prepare your résumé, make it clear in your own mind what kind of job you would like to find. Then, you…


Executive Job Search Tips: What To Do When Your Search Isn’t Working

A dragging executive job search isn’t the end of the world, it just means that you may have to light a fire – better yet, a towering inferno – under your own you-know-what. By using your creativity and motivation to change what you’re doing, you’ll greatly improve your executive job search almost instantaneously.

After years as an executive, you may have a healthy list of contacts to connect with as you seek job opportunities. But if your job search has so far led you to brick walls, it may…


Common Executive Job Search Mistakes to Avoid

A job search at any professional level has the potential to cause a lot of stress, especially it if seems that it just isn’t working out. However, at the executive level, it can be more difficult because so much more effort is required with each application process.

Any executive who is searching for work wants to minimize the seeking process and quickly get the job. However, if you’re in this position and find that you’re not getting callbacks as much as you’d like, you may be making some mistakes…


Job Search Over A 100K – The Options

If you’re considering doing a job search over a 100K, then you need to think beyond the little green pieces of paper. After all, even if you have all the right qualifications for a 100K job, do you have what it takes? It is not easy maintaining a 100K job, let me tell you. In fact, it is downright hard.

Securing a 100K job too, is much more difficult than it used to be, what with the recession hitting our economy hard.

Moreover, the competition isn’t getting any easier,…


Why Twitter Is Great for Executive Job Searches

You’ve probably been hearing people rant and rave about how great Twitter is for job searches for a couple of years now. But it’s hard to imagine that this one site could make a difference when you only get to use 140 characters to post your thoughts. 

On the contrary, the site has made adjustments to accommodate job seekers – and those job seekers have found innovative ways to be noticed with limited resources. If you’re trekking through your executive job search and want to add a new dynamic…


How to Start Job Search in Canada

Many people hope to find jobs in Canada. For some people it only takes a few days to gain employment, whereas others find months passing before gaining an interview. Although no magic formula exists for finding employment, the following tips will help make your job search more productive.

Define your job objective. You should know what type of job you want and whether or not you have the skills for the job. Also, you must be clear about whether you’re seeking permanent, temporary, full-time, or part-time employment.


How to Take Your Job Search to a New Level

Finding a job in today’s day and age is difficult, again finding a job which suits your skills and personality is even harder. But then if you plan on staying with the job in the long run, then this is very important. So you will have to take your job search to a completely new level and you have to think out of the box.

If you find a job which is suitable for you, you will see that you are happier, you have a better level of performance…


10 Proven Tips for Your Medical Sales Job Search Success

Your job search is one of the most significant tasks you’ll ever have.  What job you end up with determines how you’ll spend the majority of hours in your day, how much money you’ll have, and how satisfied you are with your life.  It’s worth making the effort to end up where you’ll be happy.  Whether you’re currently employed or not, here’s how to put everything you’ve got into your job search–and it will bring you great results, whether you’re in laboratory sales, medical device sales, pharmaceutical sales, or…


Job Search Tip – Rethink Your Options and Opportunities in the Job Market

Sometimes we allow personal circumstances to trap us, and this goes for our job searches and career plans as well. For instance, you will hear comments about locations being an unreasonable commute which narrows a job seeker’s focus until he misses the opportunity that is right in front of him. The real question every job seeker should ask is:  How do you free yourself up to economically win and survive in good times and in bad? This article offers suggestions to get “fit” for your job search.

This article…


Improve your LinkedIn Job Search with a Complete Profile

One of the mistakes a lot of people make on LinkedIn for their job searching is not creating a complete profile.  Here are some tips and ideas into making your LinkedIn profile work for you in your job searching:

Have a nice professional headshot. Don’t leave your photo blank.  Put in a nice professional looking headshot.  Don’t use photos of you standing on a beach or far away.  Your profile photo will be reduced to 80×80 pixels, so make sure to have a nice close shot.

Use your professional


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