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Job Search Myth #5 . . . My Resume Is A Winner! Who Cares About The Truth?

Acting out on job search myth #5 could be your biggest mistake of all!

We live in a job market culture that says I have to look very, very good to get ahead . . . to smack down the competition. So, who cares if I shade the truth a little? As long as I get ahead. As long as I get the job!

Back in the day that might have worked. But things have changed a lot since 911. The job market isn’t what it used…


Where could I get help for a cover letter? any sample?

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Please help me identify the risks in a job/career?

(samples are getting to old or not knowing technology.)

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Can you file for unemployment if you quit your job to begin a full-time program at a college?

My grandmother told me to quit the job that I hate and get a degree. She suggested that I file for unemployment and that if I start attending school immediately after I quit my job, I’ll get paid through unemployment. Is that true?

(Ontario Unemployment-Canada)

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Changing Your Career – How To Write An Effective Cover Letter

There are certain procedures to follow when searching for cover letter samples expressing one’s wish to change career. Career change cover letter samples should show exactly how the introductory letter should begin and what it should include.

At the top corner of most career change cover letter samples will have the potential employee’s address. In most cases, the name should be written on the first line, followed by the address beneath it. Include the city state and the zip code in the address and then add the current phone…


I am looking for job search sites online. I am currently using the following?

Monster, Hot Jobs, Job Planet, Craigslist,, & a few others. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go to look for job search sites online? I am NOT looking for work at home stuff nor am I looking for door to door sales crap or anything of that nature. IF you live outside of the USA please do not respond as it will not help me. I live in the Southern California area in San Diego.

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Louis Blair, Resume Writing – Clip 1.m4v

This is the first of seven clips of Louis Blair’s presentation, “Applying for the Rhodes, Marshall, and Gates Cambridge Scholarships,” given on March 29, 2010 on the University of Arkansas campus.
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Resume and Cover Letter Model for first job?

I’m a teen and going for my first job. I have no reatil experience but have babysat,won numerous awards,have references,very involved in extraciricular activites. I was told by a friend that a resume and cover letter really make your application stand out amongst the rest. Does anyone have a solid free resume and cover letter model I can use?

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When writing a resume or filling out a job application, and the company you work for changed names,?

how do you clarify that. For example, the bank I worked for started out as one name, merged with another bank and changed names then was bought by a third bank and changed names again. Would I list the current bank name and put the date I started at the first bank or list each bank with the dates I worked for each bank?

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Job search tough for graduating college seniors

With such a high unemployment rate, what can college graduates expect when they step into the real world this summer? Seniors at Northwestern University will be graduating in June, and many of them are afraid they might be joining the country’s unemployed. Katharine Euphrat talked to some of them about how the recession has affected their job search.
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