Job search tough for graduating college seniors

With such a high unemployment rate, what can college graduates expect when they step into the real world this summer? Seniors at Northwestern University will be graduating in June, and many of them are afraid they might be joining the country’s unemployed. Katharine Euphrat talked to some of them about how the recession has affected their job search.
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9 Responses to “Job search tough for graduating college seniors”

  1. prettylyricsmarie says:

    I think the long term truth is the economy won’t get better, and its not supposed to get better. its kind of silly to think that people must work jobs they don’t like (which most people do), to make money to survive, and people call this progress. what did people do before supporting a few rich people, by being slaves/puppets/robots for jobs, following orders? this isn’t a recession, this is a great depression number 2.

  2. Bondbroker89 says:

    @geir44 Your right, this is the b.s all these college kids think. I have to laugh to at how they all say ” be positive” thats the new catch phrase.

  3. geir44 says:

    That last guy was deluding himself. If they are rehiring they can pay employees with experience what they want. They dont have to give them more than a graduate, because they will still take the job…………


  4. RDpapichulo says:


  5. Rheaume100 says:

    Join the Navy -too Pay the Bills!!

  6. 1981footboy says:

    I agree my friend. In fact i’m trying to start my own tutuoring business and heck im trying to write my own book/poem. I firgue this is the only way to make it.

  7. Vintalage says:

    This is now that time. Figure it out now before things get 10x worse. Be different. Think BIG. Grow Rich.

  8. Vintalage says:

    Or better yet, skip the programming and work for yourself. Be your own boss and reject the rat race that went to school to get good grades to land a mediocre job that traps them in a cycle of never ending debt and sadness. Figure out what the rich do and copy them. It will lead to your true success and ultimate freedom. There were many entrepreneurs created during the Great Depression than in any time in history.

  9. startlearningchinese says:

    Good reason to skip the parties and booze, study hard and get/keep your grades up. FWIW, the unemployment rate among college-educated is far less than those without a degree. Companies aren’t hiring much right now, true, but for those already employed and educated, your chances are better than those who thought that that factory job would do them until retirement.
    The 1950s are over, folks. An education is still the best way to go.
    Make yourself marketable; act professional-and STUDY.

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