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Need GOOD sample resume for higher ed administration – where can I find one?

I’m looking at program manager positions in higher education. NOT faculty jobs, and NOT support services (fin aid, bursar, etc.). Looking, rather, at roles like technology transfer/licensing, department/institute marketing… the business-like functions of universities.

Looking for a good sample – haven’t had luck combing Monster or even Chronicle of Higher Ed. I already know I do NOT need a CV for this (CVs are for faculty only at most schools).

Any links or pointers, please?
I’m sorry, it seems I wasn’t clear….

I know how to write a resume…


Mass Career Customization: Aligning the Workplace With Today’s Nontraditional Workforce

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Product Description
Far-reaching changes in attitudes and family structures have been redefining the workforce for more than two decades – yet the workplace has remained much the same. During this time, many companies have learned that personalising the customer experience is good for business. In “Mass Career Customization”, the authors argue convincingly to extend this popular and profitable concept to the workplace. As the working population shrinks, maintaining industry advantage will depend largely on keeping employees…


Job Search Myth #1 . . . My Resume Will Get Me A Job!

Let me tell you about a sad job search myth. You spend a lot of time on your resume. You worked and reworked to get the chronology right. You’re able to hold it up and say you’re proud of what it represents. You expect it to work for you. You plan to have your resume find you a job.

But it’s a job search myth!

There are several compelling reasons why counting on your resume to get you a job is a job search myth.


Brooklyn Construction Accident Lawyers Give Advice on How to Detect a Shady Employer

Times are rough in which finding and keeping a job seems to be on the mind of every single American. Industries that have been heavily affected by the economic crisis are more prone to incur illegal and dangerous practices. The construction industry is one that has been hit pretty hard by the crisis in which there are a lot of shady practices that construction companies can inherit to try to continue on like they did in the past. Forgoing safety requirements, proper training programs, and up to date equipment…


Can I collect unemployment after a temp job?

I am now collecting unemployment insurance. I may have the opportunity to work for a place temporarily… about 2 months. If I take the temp job will I be able to collect again until another job comes along?

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Survey: What is your occupation and what job-search method did you use to find your current job?

1. What’s your job?
2. What method did you use?

A. Online search engine (Careerbuilder, Monster, Hotjobs, etc.)

B. Newspaper classifieds

C. Openings listed on company website

D. other: (please specify)

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LAWYER RESUME WRITING SERVICES: GETS YOU HIRED IN THE BEST COMPANY – Need help of a lawyer resume company? This site offers effective lawyer resume writing services to teach the aspiring attorneys make a good impression when applying. Since recruiting starts with the resumes, applicants must consider its value.
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From intern (1 year ago) to a full time job? How to write the cover letter?

I’m applying for the a job at a nonprofit organization where I did my internship for the same job last year.

Now I’m writing my cover letter, and I’m running into some problems.

1) The person in charge of hiring is also my mentor. She and another gal at that organization are by only two references there. Can I use professors as professional references, especially since I have yet to hold a job (full-time mom)?

2) How do I detail my work at the organization when they KNOW…


When writing an objective for a resume do I have to include the job title?

My husband is a fireman; but to get a job to stay in the area that we want to live in he is applying for a security guard position at a nuclear power plant; usually his objective is “To become a career firefighter” what should his objective be for this job when we don’t know the official title he’s applying for, we just know it’s security.

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