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Tell me the website to know about the resume writing?

Hi friends , I finished my engineering and I would like to do job so tell me some of the websites to know about the resume writing…

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2 Responses to “Tell me the website to know about the resume writing?”

  1. Ryan K says:

    Just Google: Resume template. Also try to get someone that has English as their first language to look it over, because spelling errors are not accepted on a resume. Good Luck

  2. Naveensuthas says:

    We would like to have multiple resume writing websites served up by the joomla cms and have the abilities to have a unique look and style for each profession targeted. We would like it designed using the joomla chromasphere stylesheet. All sites, should be able to be administered by a single admin from one joomla backend interface. The project would consist of designing 5 unique styles, for an initial rollout of 5 resume writing websites. The site would be a clone of the functionality that is offered on and have the same features, and functionality. But the design, layout and look needs to be unique to our marketplace and industries served.