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Free Cover Letter Templates Microsoft

If you simply copy a free resume cover letter off the net, you’re relying on the same template most of the other job applicants are using. You need a way to make your cover letter unforgettable.

Free Cover Letter Templates Microsoft

Here are a few quick tactics that will help.

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1. Relate an interesting story about yourself. Start with sample resume cover letters, sure. But add a story about about yourself. People recount stories again and again. Brief snippets and anecdotes that they think make them seem more interesting or just give them a chance to engage with others. What story could an interviewer recount about you?

For example, imagine Saj, the hiring manager, standing around the water cooler at the end of the day. He decides to break the ice by saying, “So, I’m gonna be interviewing this guy who is teaching his son to make radio controlled airplanes completely from scratch.”

Instantly, the guy telling the story is more interesting himself. His status is raised because he’s talking to someone that others find fascinating. Not only that, he’s looking forward to talking to you. And you can bet that story is going to come up and you’ll have an opportunity to connect on some level other than business.

2. The envelope matters. It seems like a small point. But it’s important for two reasons. Letter carriers have a reputation among direct mail marketers for throwing away letters to lighten their load. Especially when they think the letters are junk mail. I know it sounds outrageous, but it happens and not just rarely. You can track how it impacts delivery rates.

Second, you don’t want the interviewer to receive a letter from you that looks like one of eighty-seven you’ve just mass-produced, even if it is.

Get a blue felt pen or a red ink stamp and print something relevant and eye catching on the front of the envelope. Even “FIRST CLASS” will catch the recruiter’s eye. But you can do better. Try “For (recruiter’s name)”.

Be scrupulously honest. Don’t get personal (Your Eyes Only). And if you promise something special or custom, be sure to deliver inside.

3. Don’t just think about it do it. Your competition doesn’t. So, it’s a great way to set yourself apart and make yourself the obvious candidate.

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