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Winalite Compensation Plan – – Anion Lovemoon

The Winalite Guys explain how you will make money when you become a distributor of Anion Lovemoon Sanitary Napkins
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7 Responses to “Winalite Compensation Plan – – Anion Lovemoon”

  1. rayven848 says:

    I am RYAN VENTURA Distributor of Winalite napkin w/ ANION, If you want to see the DEMO & Buy the Products just text me….+63928-9405440 or email me @
    FREE DELIVERY Caloocan, sjdm Bulacan, Novaliches, Fairview, Marilao Bulacan & Malinta..

  2. GayWorldOrder says:

    Yes, please tell me Gentlemen, how should I position the maxi pad into my panties and which size could fit my vagina properly for bed wetting?
    I can ez makes the money for income retailing for the maxi pad pyramid scheme also in Thailand or Manila business?
    Plz lets me know!

  3. maribethgiva says:

    I’m Maribeth Distributor of Winalite Int’l. I am very sensitive when it comes to napkin, I realize, still I’m experiencing Dismenoria & even UTI, until my Friend talk about the Amazing napkin w/ anion. Now I feel confident, fresh and free from Dismenoria & UTI. Now it’s my business too.
    I distribute amazing anion napkin to any part of the world. If interested your free to contact me @ +63910-3708360; +63922-2646492 or email me look for Mr. Ventura for shipment.

  4. MyAnne18 says:

    That’s how NEGATIVE ION DO!!! Welcome to Winalite International, Im Marianne Sale, a user and a distributor for months already. Great things has done to me when i use LOVE MOON NAPKINS and embark to go business with WINALITE. GREAT HEALTH and WEALTH!!! I CAN ASSURE YOU! Be part of our team and a part of the next trillion dollar Industry! WE WELCOME FRANCHISE AND DISTRIBUTORS! Please dont waste another minute, contact me at +63917-4389920.


    That was explained really well!
    Thank you.

  6. juttajutta67 says:

    that s great!!

  7. VidMastaZack says:

    Wow you are going to help our channel? thanks. Are you allready involved in Winalite?