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where can i find a good samples of job application letters ,resumes…n..?

and samples of interview questions and answers?…plss help me….i have to submit my assingment tomw……..

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5 Responses to “where can i find a good samples of job application letters ,resumes…n..?”

  1. TEBOE7 says:

  2. JeepJeep!!! says:

    Works or Word

  3. JOHN B says:

    Here are four good websites with specific examples of both job application cover letters, as wsell as resumes.

    One,, is perhaps the largest in the US, and has some good resume templates for a variety of job titles.

    Good luck.

    Just cut-and-paste these (one at a time) in the Yahoo Search box, and click onto it to check out the sites.

  4. Lovable says: – there is a free trial there to learn from as well. – has really nice ones to be highly professional. – is a good site as well. – has been used for many years with success too.
    I hope you find what your looking for and you get this job you are inquirng about!