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Need help writing resume for college campus job?

I had a (decent) resume but since I’ve graduated Iwant a job on campus. My resume seems like it needs updating but nothings changed, jobs or anything else. My profile probably needs updating the most but since Ihave not established myslef in anyway yet at college or have done anything to meaningful over the summer I’m not sure how to update it. Any tips.

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  1. pdtsandy47 says:

    In any job resume its just a written format for selling yourself. I’m sure you aware of that. So now that your out of school you could list any classes you’ve completed with regard to the job your applying for…then sell your self…. Are you prompt? Are you courteous? Do you work well with others? Those sorts of things. Then give a few reasons as to why you are interested in this field…. I’m sure you’ll do fine…. and don’t over think it,,,,, just be yourself and it’ll be OK.

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