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Treatment Planning in Career Counseling

Product Description
This process-oriented, how-to, and clinically oriented text is the book that the market has been waiting for. Ideal for both beginning and experienced career counselors, the text reviews the most influential career development theories and illustrates how to use them in developing treatment plans. The author provides a practical focus on how to most effectively and competently use these theories in practice, leaving the comprehensive overview and in-depth discussion of theories for other career counseling texts.

Treatment Planning in Career Counseling

2 Responses to “Treatment Planning in Career Counseling”

  1. This short, well-written book provides a concise introduction and overview of important concepts and methods in career counseling. A wide variety of theories of vocational development are described, with several chapters on how to apply the theories to counseling practice.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Glumworm says:

    When I purchased this book, please be aware it is incredibly short (157 pages with references included). I overlooked the fact.

    I would highly suggest an used book be bought.

    Other than that, I felt Liptak did a fair job of explaining interventions but… as a Vocational Rehab major, I felt this book was more of a ’supplemental.’
    Rating: 3 / 5