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Resume cover letter: Who do I address it to? Human Resources?

The template that I am using says “Dear _____,” to begin. I could leave this off but it seems informal and like I am mass emailing facilities to get a job.

Most of the places I am applying to say to send a resume to an email address, so I don’t know the hiring person’s name. Should I just put Dear HR or Attention: HR or something?

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3 Responses to “Resume cover letter: Who do I address it to? Human Resources?”

  1. spalmer says:

    Do your research and find out who the resume and cover letter should go to. Do not put Dear HR — you can at the very least locate who the HR manager is and use their name. However, many business have other individuals hiring as well. Use the internet to your advantage, or simply call and ask to whom your cover letter should be addressed. Be sure that you spell names and titles correctly. Good luck!

  2. dave says:

    Important Tips:

    If you just can’t find a person’s name, I would use

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    1. Get a name. “Dear Sir,” “Dear Madam,” and “To whom it may concern” are ‘last resort’ salutations. They are also annoying to the reader. Call the business
    /organization you’re writing, and get a name. It’s easy, and it’s important. Just call and ask–most receptionists will know or will be willing to transfer you to someone who does. Using the correct spelling of the person’s name also goes a long way toward getting your point across.

  3. Tandem Resumes says:

    When a name is provided in the requisition, you’re in luck! Address your letter to that person. So, if the requisition says John Smith, address the letter to John Smith (not Mr. Smith).

    If the requisition provides no name – as is usually the case – use a gender neutral salutation, such as Dear Hiring Manager. Do not omit a greeting and do not go with something such as Dear Sir/Madam.